What I think about the Kimye Vogue Cover


Who cares?!

That's what I think. On Friday, twitter trended with the hashtag #BoycottVogue. Seriously people, get over yourselves. 

Personally, I'm not interested in Kim Kardashian. AND don't even get me started on Kanye West- cocky, arrogant, questionable talent, narcissist - trust me, I can go on and on. But then again, I've never met them, probably never will, so my judgement is based on actions, appearances and media interpretations. Except for Kanye's music, it's shit.

So, back to



Anna Wintour

... THEY can put anyone THEY choose on the cover. Like


or NOT,

Kimye are a super-famous, headline-making, fashion-loving power couple. And frankly, I'd rather see Kimye on the cover of Vogue rather than Anna Wintour's pet, Lena Dunham, as I'm sure the make up artists, stylists and photoshoppers feel the same.

Are we going to boycott Vogue? Stop reading Vogue?? Cancel subscription to Vogue??? The answer [and YOU know it] is NO.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video clip with Kimye and the very adorable baby North, on the Vogue set with Annie Leibovitz.