How to ROCK Suspenders

E. Vincent Martinez
E. Vincent Martinez

I wear silk suspenders, black, with my tuxedo. They are elegant and debonair but you never really see them unless I remove the jacket - which I've been known to do. What about when "we" want to break away from the traditional? When suspenders function more for personal style than necessity...  You've got your clip ons and, like in these photos, button types. Obviously you'll need the appropriate pants for those. I'm wearing trousers from the Heritage Collection by Banana Republic. [Great pants btw!] 

To achieve an edgier look, I hemmed the pants to expose just a little ankle and I wore a fitted t-shirt to reveal and showcase my fully tatted sleeves. The suspenders added a cool-funky vibe to my outfit and the scarf, also from Banana Republic, completed the look. 

For a "retro-punk" feel, I could have dropped the suspenders and just let them hang. But that's not me.

Photography by Steffano Morte

You can incorporate suspenders into your wardrobe with almost any look. Plaid or solid button down shirts - roll up your sleeves, tees, and jeans all work very well. Dress up your look with leather shoes, wing tips are great. Or dress down with your favorite kicks, like All Stars. Preppy, punk, hipster or dapper - it's all yours for the takin'.