What Your Clothing Says About You (Whether You Like it Or Not)

by guest author: Alison Stanton

You might not realize it, but every time you go out into public, you are telling total strangers about the type of person you are based on what you are wearing. Granted, these  snap judgments might not always be fair, but as Psychology Today notes, our clothing says a lot more about us than we might realize.

The following examples give some insight as to what types of threads are most likely to be seen on which types of people:

The happy go lucky slob

If you love nothing more than throwing on a comfy old and t-shirt and a pair of shorts that may contain a hole or two, your outfit, notes Lifescape Image pretty much announces to the world “I’m pleased as punch with my sloppy self.” While you might think of yourself as more carefree and unhindered by fashion rules, others might see you as not caring about the way you look — and possibly other important things in life like your job or your home. But in general, these super-relaxed outfits indicate a laid back and mellow person.

The monochromatic beige person

If you leave the house most mornings wearing a tan jacket, beige khakis and sand-colored shoes, chances are good you are an introvert. As Marie Claire notes, people who like to wear a lot of drab colors often use their clothing as a way to avoid being noticed. Even if you genuinely love neutral colors, you will probably be perceived as someone who does not want to stand out in a crowd.

The motocross clothing aficionado

Does your closet contain a variety of bright and colorful t-shirts emblazoned with Fox or Troy Lee Designs logos, or other motocross clothing from online companies like MotoSport? If so, chances are good you are outgoing, bold and brave, just like motocross itself. In general, people who wear brands like this are athletic and ready to tackle anything that life hands them — preferably on two wheels. You might not have ever ridden a dirt bike in your life, but if you wear these types of outfits, people will assume you do, and that’s just fine.

The one trick pony

Remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry’s date wore the identical black and white dress over and over? If your closet is filled with the same or similar outfits — like maybe six pair of blue jeans, five black t-shirts and three pairs of white running shoes, your desire to wear pretty much the same thing every day may indicate you are not into change. While you might insist this is not the case and you just like these outfits, if you take an honest look at yourself you might agree that taking risks or trying new things isn’t really your cup of tea.

The designer logo fan

If your closet is filled with designer clothes, chances are good you are self-confident and stylish. While it’s great to have fancy duds from high-end manufacturers, you want to be sure you don’t overdo it. Wearing designer labels and logos from head to toe might give off the wrong impression that you are part of a fashion show and you are using your clothes as a way to announce how cool you are.