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One lucky individual will win a two-night stay in NYC during New York Fashion Week this September and work alongside Project Runway All Stars Anthony Ryan Auld and Joshua McKinley to turn their dream design into a reality! Together, they’ll shop for supplies at the Project Runway source store, Mood, and enjoy a full day of sewing to create the dream design. To celebrate the finished design, the winner will kick back and enjoy a lovely dinner out on the town accompanied by Joshua and Anthony Ryan.

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Project Runway All Stars Finale

[caption id="attachment_18990" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Anthony Ryan Auld & Joanna Coles in the Project Runway workroom."]anthony-ryan-auld-joanna-coles-project-runway-all-stars-fashionado[/caption]

After the Project Runway All Stars Finale, I tweeted: "I have such a dysfunctional relationship with @ProjectRunway! You piss me off but I can't let you go!" As I reflected over the last few days, maybe it's not such a bad thing Uli didn't win? Of course, if you were team Anthony, you're happy as heck. I have thoughts I'm going to share with you in a little bit about why it may be for the better that Uli or Emilio didn't win...

The Finale challenge: The three finalists designed, created a collection and produced their own show in just four days. They had a $3K dollar budget and a day of help from past All Stars and then it was show time! 






If 20th century contemporary artists Mark Rothko and Piet Mondrian had a fashion love child turned designer, it would have been golden boy, Anthony Ryan Auld. He presented a modern collection that would be appealing to many women. Isaac Mizrahi, who I swear has a crush on Anthony, to my surprise, pointed out a flaw in the collection. The hem length varied from dress to dress. And after Mizrahi mentioned that, it was very distracting to see all the dresses lined up on the runway. It's all I could notice! Congratulations on your big win Anthony... now that you have money, please get a haircut!!!





I've been an Emilio Sosa fan since the beginning of the season but this collection was very disappointing. Emilio conceptualized a powerful vision of interpreting the iconic fashion of the working class African American woman from 1840-1940. Unfortunately Emilio got too caught up in his political  message, bringing out the costume designer in him and suppressing the fashion designer. The collection was to costumey and it felt like a college student's work. It lacked glamour and sophistication. Other than the hot, patterned pant suit, I can't see women running to wear any of the clothes. They felt like costumes, not ready-to-wear. Emilio did not deserve to come in as the runner up. I believe it was a racially cautious decision from an all white judges panel. Project Runway already gets enough flack because minorities never win. Though Mexican-American Mondo was the winner of All Stars last season. Either way, the only thing I care about is the BEST designer winning and nothing else -Something Project Runway doesn't always get right. Remember Anya and Gretchen?!







Ethereal and surreal. Mystical and magical. Romantic and sophisticated. Modern and edgy. Uli Herzner had all the right ingredients to win Project Runway All Stars. But she didn't and maybe that was a good thing? I don't know this for a fact, but I bet there are contractual details and stipulations keeping the winner tied to Project Runway. Uli doesn't need that. She should be free to do her own thing. Emilio and Uli's position with the show granted them such a heightened level of exposure and visibility that they will undoubtedly be as successful as if they had won. Just not as rich!

Well, the real good news for the rest of us?? An ALL NEW season of the Project Runway kicks off on Thursday!!! Tim & Heidi are BACK!

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Stars & Stripes on Project Runway All Stars


Project Runway

must have heard me.

Last week

I said that the only way

Joshua McKinley

would stay on would be to win


challenge... WTF! He did! I didn't see it coming, did you??

Last week's Project Runway All Stars proved that the military needs its gays! The All Stars worked with service women in need of a little tlc is the fashion and style department. It was a tender and emotional challenge. Truly one of my favs.


This dress is classic Uli! The dress was flowy and flattering. It was so feminine and you could tell that the client/model felt great wearing it. Uli is a winner, whether it happens on Project Runway or not!


Emilio got nailed for his craftsmanship. There were fit issues and sloppy construction. He's great at what he does but just need a little more time to "make it work." I love the style and color of the dress probably as much as the client/model did. I wonder if in these type of challenges where a "real" person is involved and the dress isn't "perfect" if the designer fixes it or makes another dress? Would you want to wear a dress out in public that was on national tv and major fashion designer judges pointed out all that was wrong with it?


Golden Boy tarnished. Well, not really because gold doesn't tarnish, but he did get a slap on the wrist for not designing for real women! Anthony Ryan made a skinny girl dress. I loved his fabric choice and to be fair, the dress itself is beautiful, but as the judges pointed out, it accentuated the areas that the client/model wanted to hide. Like Emilio, if Anthony Ryan had just a bit more time, he would've gotten it right.


The big surprise came from Joshua McKinley winning since he has been in the bottom consistently. He really connected with his client... and what about that precious service dog!! The outfit was a total winner. It was cute, sassy and the client/model owned the runway. Congratulations Joshua!

[For me] the biggest surprise was yet to come... With Joshua's winning the challenge there was no way he was being sent home. [Yet] Carolyn Murphy stated "because this is Project Runway All Stars someone needs to go home..." So who was left? Emilio and Anthony Ryan who were both in the bottom two... and there was No way they would be sent packing...  a few minutes of real suspense on Project Runway...  Who would be sent home??? Try: no one! At the end, ALL four moved on to next week, which btw, will take place in PARIS!







Project Runway All Stars Episode 1 Team Challenge


Meet the Cast

of Season 2 of

Project Runway All Stars

. The first episode started with a pretty serious, All Star-worthy challenge to design and create a mini-collection based on "attitude." For this, the designers split into two groups:

Team Bold


Team Confident

. The creations were a reminder that some designers got their a

uf wiedersehen

prematurely, while others made you wonder why they were asked back on the show. And speaking of coming back, I was happy to see

Joanna Coles

return to "mentor" and whip these designers into shape and though she is no longer with

Marie Claire

, and is now editor of


, both publications are a part of Hearst Magazines - so it's still all in the family. Equally happy to welcome back

Isaac Mizrahi


Georgina Chapman

as judges. The new Heidi is '90s model

Carolyn Murphy

. (I've always liked her!)

[caption id="attachment_17786" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Joanna Coles & the Project Runway All Stars."]



So, let's have a look at the triumphs and trainwrecks of the first episode: 



WTF is this???


, you are so lucky Project Runway knows you're good for ratings which is the only reason your ass is still in the competition. So what if this is a dog of a dress? Surely Andrae will have multiple meltdowns and outer body experiences throughout the season, making for fun entertainment.


This had the potential to be a good dress but apparently Project Runway designer

Emilio Sosa

confused the chosen "attitude" of "Bold" with "Whore." I don't know any stylish women who would wear this stupid dress.


One of the better looks from Team Bold came from

Joshua McKinley

. Okay, I'm not crazy about the exposed midriff, but everything else works. I especially like the rocker gloves. I'll admit to you right now that I'm a little biased. I like Joshua. I know, I know... he was a big bitch season 9. He bullied others and made girls cry BUT I believe he recognized that behavior and changed it. Our twitter interactions have been super sweet. So Joshua, don't be a bitch, except to Ivy!


Laura Kathleen

had the highest score for Team Bold which really isn't saying much. Laura, I like you, but if you give us Peplum all season like your first time around, I will hate you.


And then there was


... the Project Runway All Star whose design is as confused as his personal style. The shoulder cups, really? The napkin skirt? Yuck! Suede, dear, yes you are at Parsons but you are a designer on Project Runway NOT a fucking student!


The judges made cobbler out of

Peach Carr

. The horrified reaction from Joanna Coles upon learning that Peach is a tennis clothing designer was priceless! The judges hated this dress and while I won't disagree with them, in my opinion, Andrae's and Suede's designs were much worse. Peach was sent home.



There are good elements to


dress and some that need improvement. The shape, hem line and lace placement all work to flatter the design. I wish the black lace around the neck and shoulders weren't so wide and I hate the slit out front. Not a big fan of the black tights as well.


Guest judge and first season All Star winner


, felt that


dress was a little boring. That it's strongest quality was it's tone on tone. The judges pointed out that the hem was longer than it should have been. Overall, it was a good design and everyone liked the leather & lace juxtaposition.


And next up, ready to "Lip sync for their life" is


. Oops! Sorry, wrong reality series! Kayne, girl, this ain't no drag competition...


I love this jacket by

Ivy Higa

. The judges did too. The leather shorts, not so much. I'm with

Michael Kors

and would have paired the jacket with a skinny white pant. Ivy is clearly talented but wicked. Has she changed her ways? Time will tell.



has to be one of the most memorable Project Runway designers. This is a fabulous dress. The only thing I am concerned about is that we may see this dress throughout the season. The sophisticated maxi style dress is Uli's signature, I get it, but I hope she also gives us sleeves, separates and slacks.


The only thing troubling me with

Wendy Pepper's

dress is it's length which may be an indication of her styling aesthetic. Not good. However, the architecture of the top is fantastic and I even like the bow around the waist. Too bad the skirt's so short. What's that rufflely, shredded stuff at the crotch?!


Winning the challenge was

Anthony Ryan Auld

with a very wearable ensemble. It was good and the back lace surprise was great. The judges loved the lace back. I believe that's what got him the prize because it sure wasn't the baggy crotch. It was a smart move.







Meet the All Stars; Project Runway new season...


Last night's premiere episode of Project Runway All Stars was a reminder of why so many of these designers were NOT winners! I'm not going to hold back, but for now, let's get reacquainted with the All Star designers... [My] episode 1 review is coming soon... [Missed Project Runway? Click Here: www.mylifetime.com] Meet the 13 Project Runway All Stars from seasons past: 


project-runway-all-stars-fashionado project-runway-all-stars-andrae-fashionado

Althea Harper Season 6 ... Andrae Gonzalo Season 2

Anthony Ryan Auld Season 9 ...  Casanova Season 8


Emilio Sosa Season 7 ...   Ivy Higa Season 8


project-runway-all-stars-joshua-fashionado project-runway-all-stars-fashionado


Joshua McKinley Season 9 ...   Kayne Gillaspie Season 3

project-runway-all-stars-laura-fashionado project-runway-all-stars-fashionado

Laura Kathleen Season 9 ...   Suede Season 5


project-runway-all-stars-uli-fashionado project-runway-all-stars-fashionado

Uli Herzner Season 3 ...  Wendy Pepper Season 1


Peach Carr Season 8

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