Photos & Recap: The 8th Annual Reindog Parade at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Two hundred doggies took the opportunity to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden for the one time, every year, our tail-wagging' friends are allowed admission onto the grounds. This could only mean one thing - the Reindog Parade! For the third year in a row, I was thrilled and overjoyed to be one of the judges of this puppy-lovin event. There are five categories: Best Adult -Dogs older than 18 months; Best Puppy -Dogs under 18 months; Best Botanical - Dress up in a plant themed costume, such as a flower, Christmas tree, poinsettia, and mistletoe; Best Dog Pack - Two or more dogs walking across the stage together; Best Dog-Owner Dress-a-Like - Dog and owner dressed similarly. And then there's a category for those pups that don't want to compete but just show off their striking good looks and charming personality. They take to the stage as well and pose for the audience and judges.

Victoria Stilwell of It's Me Or The Dog on Animal Planet co-emceed with CNN's Holly Firfer, who can moonlight as a comedienne because she's so funny. The judges: Rodney Ho, Blogger and Columnist, AJC, Kimberly Lacy, Co-Host of HGTV’s Curb Appeal (The Block) and Lifestyle Expert, John Lemley, Host of City Café on 1690/WMLB-AM, yours truly, E. Vincent Martinez and Angie Woods of Atlanta Dog Whisperer, U.S. Canine are each given one category to judge and choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. This is no easy task - In my opinion, they are all winners. After each category has been chosen, the judges deliberate and choose a "Best in Show." This year's winner went to a sweet doggie who searched (and found) a missing boy! For real... this dog had no search training... appropriately, her mom dressed her as an angel, wings and halo included! I was given the Best Dog -Owner Dress-a-Like category to judge and I must say that the contenders really went full force, making it difficult to choose, but I did. [My] winner went to a black German Shepherd named Maho and her Nightmare Before Christmas parents. Very well done guys! 

Happy Holidays to all!


Atlanta Botanical Garden Tour

A spectacular tour through the Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of my very favorite places in Atlanta. From season to season, there is always something absolutely wonderful to experience.

Garden Display Manager, Amanda Bennett gave us a tour through the spectacular grounds. Beginning with the incredible Imaginary Worlds exhibit [a must-see] and finishing in their dry climate house, the tour was both captivating and educational.


Garden Promo

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Atlanta Botanical Garden - a guided tour...


Atlanta Botanical Garden

is one of my favorite places in the city.

Garden Display Manager

, Amanda Bennett, gave me a guided tour through the spectacular and captivating grounds. Such a treat! The full segment is coming to


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