Cynthia Bailey gets Real




we talk about? A twenty minute interview rolled into an hour of extremely candid conversation with model, mentor and reality TV star

Cynthia Bailey

. The self-proclaimed workaholic has also become an inspiration for a younger generation. Cynthia shared stories, dispelled rumors and gave whole-hearted advice on a range of topics. From her modeling career to opinion about the lack of 'color' on the runways, from RHOA craziness to her friendship with NeNe Leakes. Also, about her marriage with Peter Thomas, her fabulous new doll, [her public] health and fitness issues, the Bailey Agency, etc etc...

Yep, a lot.

 If it weren't that Cynthia had to pick her daughter up from school, we might still be talking! Cynthia gave such a passionate and genuine interview. Tears at times. Followed by laughs and later high-fives.

*Watch the entire interview next month on fashionadoTV.

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"Welcome to Little Havana USA"


Little Havana is growing up! When I was a kid in Miami, we'd drive past Calle Ocho simply to get to our destination.

NOW, you can actually stop & shop. You can still get your Cuban cafecito, but you're also surrounded by restaurants, lounges and souvenir shops. WE spent part of the day, filming at Calle Ocho yesterday, met wonderful, friendly people, from business owners who welcomed our cameras to honeymooning tourists. [A far better experience than the God-awful Midtown Miami district where we were treated poorly.] Look for our feature on fashionadoTV in January and discover [or like me, re-discover] the gem that is Little Havana.


Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at the Fabulous Atlanta Botanical Garden

Every holiday season, the Atlanta Botanical Garden lights up the city in the most spectacular light display in town: Garden Lights, Holiday Nights. ABG President & CEO, Mary Pat Matheson, shares the glowing details on this Atlanta tradition. Over a million twinkling lights will dazzle you until January 4th - but don't wait 'til then to go!


SPOTLIGHT on Living Art America

Living Art AmericaBodies as a Work of Art continues to entertain and empower. In it's fourth year, the bodypainting  event has gained world-wide recognition. From it's controversial beginnings to it's exciting future, the Chelko Foundation's Executive Director,

Randi Layne

passionately discussed it all with me for fashionado

TV. [Video includes runway highlights - This you have to see!!]