Gucci Dipped Ink Nail Art

Glove your hands in Gucci jewelry with black inked fingertips as seen in the Gucci Cruise 2018 show in Florence. The dipped ink look extends down the fingers guided by fusing gold hardware and pearls. You can thank nail artist Jenny Longworth for this refreshing take on gothic glam.

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Back in Black


Historically black has been


color in fashion. In the Renaissance era, it was the color of authority and today the most important of figureheads at a runway show can be seen wearing black. That would be the buyers and the fashion editors. But it is not only through clothes that black exudes power, black shiny stones in rings and necklaces add to that illusion as well. Take 

black pearls

for instance. The great Emperors of China wore these jewels to indicate their status and in French Polynesia, these black pearls were symbolic for harnessing the magic the rain leaves behind after a great storm. Hope and renewal was stored in these stones. However, you do not have to wear black pearls just with formal and tailored clothes. You can mix and match with casual wear. 


This spring, everyone is wearing black with floral prints because not only is it slimming but you can break up the clash of colors beautifully. The 

Vera Wang Fall 2013

collection at New York Fashion Week 2013 certainly designed many great outfits using this concept. The floral prints are spread out over black in a silhouette effect and the flowers feel like they are moving down the runway.

Black onyx stones are also significant in history. The ancient Romans used onyx stones to bear their unique seals and as far as Roman mythology goes, this stone is graced by the touch of the Goddess Venus. One day, she was sleeping along the Indus River and Cupid decided to give her a manicure with one of his arrows but her nails snapped and feel into the bottom of the river, only to rise up again as onyx stones.

In India and Persia, black onyx stones were also seen as great stones of protection. But in other cultures, they were also seen as gifts to celebrate marriage and peace. Though you can buy silver bladed onyx rings, they do look better on gold rings because of their rounded shape. Onyx rings do however suit men more because of the large stone and they go along well with any good suit. Either way, you can find silver bladed Onyx rings and 

black gold rings online


Leather, lace, tuxedos and nude lips are the fashion trend at the moment. All of these elements do strongly incorporate the strength and power black brings to clothing and jewelry  If a trip to the jewelry store is not on the cards, then you can find many black gold rings online.

As for women, black diamond rings would suit you more, especially if you have a thing for black lace.


These truly unique and ebony glittering stones can only be found in Brazil and Africa. But unlike men, women like to pair up black diamonds with the usual white diamond in order to great a fashionable contrast. Black always goes well with white.

This idea is getting increasingly popular. Such as, if a couple wanted to both wear matching engagement rings, they would get black diamond rings because traditionally men wear black diamonds.  But often set in titanium. Women on the other hand, go for the silver ring and both parties save the gold rings for the wedding.