A new era begins at Maison Martin Margiela as John Galliano makes his Debut / Spring 2015 Couture

John Galliano is back. He's found a new home at Maison Martin Margiela where he debuted an Artisanal show that featured (and proving once again) the creative genius that is Galliano. He seamlessly -no pun intended- balanced abundance, minimalism and deconstruction. The looks were edgy and avant-garde but still flirted with enough glamour to tease us. Galliano showcased his talents and expertise through his technical use of fabrics, textiles and embellishments. One of my favorite elements, which is so inherently John Galliano, is his mastery and perception of the unconventional and unexpected. For example, some of the dresses were encrusted with lacquered shells to create faces, reminiscent of the artist Arcimboldo. You don't notice it right away, but when you do, there's a wow-factor. It's this combination of beauty and intellect that is so captivating and leaves us wanting more.

John Galliano is sharp, focused and I'd say refueled and redeemed. I expect a new, exciting and amazing future for Margiela.