Five Must-Have Shoes for Him for Every Occasion


Alright guys, lets have a quick chat about shoes. How many shoes do you have? If your answer is a couple then you really need to keep reading. I have a lot, though not as much as my friend Jeff who's the gay-incarnation of Imelda Marcos.

Don't freak out. You don't need dozens, but then again, isn't variety the spice of life? Women like to have options, why shouldn't we? I went into my closet and pulled five pairs of shoes that I can't live without. 1- you need a boot (not cowboy boots!!). These are brown suede by Calvin Klein. I have other boots in black and in burgundy. Boots are great to wear in the Fall and Winter with almost anything from a pair of jeans to dress pants. If the boots are dressy enough, you can even wear them with a suit. Stay away from too much decoration. Good design doesn't need frills. 2- get casual in style. Don't wear your running shoes everywhere. I kick around in these aqua All Stars. I also have them in blue, purple, white, brown and cream. Wear them with shorts, jeans, khakis and if you can pull them off with a suit, more power to ya. Rock them! 3- Definitely incorporate a casual shoe dressier than sneakers. These blue suede Penguins with wing-tip stitching are perfect for almost every occasion. 4- Lace ups are an absolute must-have. A staple. Get a pair in black and one in brown. The design should be classic. Lace ups are the dressiest of shoes. Obviously wear them to special occasions or to the office if you work in a corporate environment. But if you want to change it up a bit, dress them down with a casual outfit. It's okay to bend the rules. The ones pictured are by Ferragamo and I purchased them over 10 years ago! Yep, take care of your shoes guys! 5- And finally, everyone man should own a loafer or three. These are by Gucci. I have another fave pair by Prada. I've worn them with all styles of looks to all sorts of events. I've dressed them up and dressed them down. You can find loafers in almost all brands. Find a pair you like. Tassels are fine as are straps across the top, but stay away from over-embellishments.

Have fun with fashion. Upgrading your personal style is manageable when done in smaller steps.