Socks or Not?

by Brian Hampton /

More commonly in today's menswear, you will notice a growing number of well-dressed men going sockless. At one point, it was considered taboo for men to go without socks unless they had on the perfect casual ensemble paired with a nice-looking driving loafer or a crisp pair of shorts, etc. Generally, it is during the more warmer seasons of the year that this leap of fashion faith is most logical. But before you take the leap, here are a few simple pointers to pay attention to: 

1 - The question of whether or not you can go sockless in the winter to most would seem like a dumb question. On the contrary, some designers showcase the sockless look on the runway for the colder seasons just as well. Reason being, a lot of dapper men prefer non-sweaty feet and would argue that shoes minus socks have a way of keeping your feet just as warm as a glove does to the hands. But generally speaking, most Americans go for socklessness only in the spring/summertime.

2 – Since not wearing socks will draw a lot of attention, you've got to be sure that your suit and/or ensemble is tailored-fitting; particularly the pants. They will need to be hemmed, slim-fitting and/or cropped to pull of this look right! 

3 - Make sure your shoes are worthy enough of the sockless style you're aiming for. The most celebrated shoe to wear when going sockless is a nice loafer such as the penny or the Gucci horsebit loafer. A classic Oxford shoe is also an acceptable one to wear and gives you more of a variety

4 - To avoid the stench of sweaty insoles, be sure to get you a pair of invisible socks to wear with your shoes. You may want to do a little research beforehand for a good pair of invisible socks as they should grip your feet comfortably and not slide around when you walk.