8 of the Best Winter Fashion Tips

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by guest author: Alex

The nights are colder and the days are getting darker, which can only mean one thing; winter is here. Some people love winter, but normal people much prefer the warmer days. Dressing for warmer days is easier too; you can get away with throwing just about anything on and look great. Winter is a different story. You need to stay warm and comfortable while looking chic. To help you out, here are 8 of the best winter fashion tips:

1. Make Sure Your Outfits are Balanced Out

As you’ll want to stay warm during winter, it’s easy to end up being drowned by different fabrics. If you ensure your outfits are balanced out, you’ll look much better. You can balance your outfits out by making sure you wear something tighter on the bottom if you’re going baggier on the top, and vice versa.

2. Learn How to Layer Up

Layering is one of the most useful winter fashion tips you can use. Knowing how to layer will instantly make your outfits more interesting. You can then add layers or take them away depending on how cold the weather actually is.

3. Include a Pop of Colour

The weather doesn’t mean you should stop wearing colour completely. Why stick to blacks and greys and make life seem duller than it actually is? Include a pop of color and you’ll feel much better about the cold weather! Even just wearing a brightly coloured bag could make your outfit stand out.

4. Use Lots of Texture to add Interest

One of my favourite things about winter is wearing lots of texture. Texture helps to add depth to outfits and make them look so much more interesting. I love to wear leather, faux fur, and other wintery textures to amp up my looks. This sort of look can be created with Irish clothing too.

5. Always Accessorize

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should forget to accessorize. You can accessorize using scarves, hats, gloves, and even statement rings/necklaces.

6. Try to Show off Your Shape

Something I always notice about people during winter, is that they usually disguise their shape with their clothes. This can lead some people to look dowdy or frumpy, which isn’t ever a good look! Try to show off your shape by using a belt outside of your jacket, or on the next layer of your outfit. Looking hourglass is always a good thing!

7. Experiment With Scarves

Experiment with different scarves of patterns, lengths, and thickness to make a statement. You can tie them lots of different ways too, so you can look different each and every time you wear one!

8. Let Your Boots Do the Talking

I love wearing statement boots. Pick a pair you love and then let them do the talking with your outfits. Over the knee boots are set to be huge again this year!

Use these tips this winter and you’ll love the way your outfits look. Leave any tips of your own below!