Celebrity Style: TomorrowWorld Hair Tips

tomorrowworld fashionado

Guys have it easy. Bedhead is a fashion statement for us. So is a shaved head. For a girl, not so much. Sure, it's a double-standard, but it is what it is. So how do you survive three mind-blowing days of TomorrowWorld without a stylist? How do you remain sexy and fresh at all times? Celebrity stylist Max Sanchez of White Salon and Spa breaks it down for us with three absolutely fabulous and easy to do festival hairstyle tips!

How-To Keep Floral Crown In Tact…For Days?
Inspiration: Bella Thorne
- Place your floral crown in a comfortable place
- Spray bobby pins with dry shampoo to prevent slippage (insider tip)
- Criss cross two bobby pins throughout crown to secure in place

How-to create beach waves?
Inspiration: Kate Hudson
- For ultimate results, shampoo the day before you choose to wear your beach waves best
- Your hair’s natural oils will weigh down your scalp appearing your locks to appear greasy; therefore, we recommend applying dry shampoo to the roots
- Use a beach texturizer (our fav: hair resort by Kevin Murphy)
- Shake the waves loose

How-to create pretty plaits?
Inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence
- Prep your braid by brushing throughout to eliminate tangles
- Incorporate gel (our fav: Super Goo by Kevin Murphy) to dry or wet hair while braiding. The gel will polish the hair to have healthy shine and will smooth out fly aways.  

There you have it ladies of TomorrowWorld! Rock the waves, plaits and crowns all night long. Thanks Max!