E. Tautz Menswear Fall 2016

E. Tautz designer, Patrick Grant, brought the '80s back for Fall 2016. Well, the dressier side of the '80s. I lived through it the first time and must admit that it's kind of refreshing to see it work its way back into the fashion world. For (us) dapper dudes who've embraced fashion and the "trends" that come with it, this E. Tautz collection (just like Christopher Kane's from earlier in the week) introduce a departure from the form-fitted skinny. E. Tautz gives us high-waisted pleated pants. Yes, you've heard correctly. Also, loose fitting coats and jackets, with pocket and zippers and elements reminiscent of the era. To keep things modern (and not costumey) the shoes, choice of fabrics and styling, is contemporary.