Fashion Trends We Need To Leave In 2017

Some fashion trends aren’t around for very long, and there is often a very good reason for that! After all, flares and platform boots wasn’t really a good look, no matter how much we tell ourselves that it was. Thankfully, they have been left well behind in the 1970s! Similarly, all the huge bouffants of the 1980s didn’t see the light of day ones the 1990s started.

It’s almost the new year, so we will soon see which trends and styles of 2017 will survive and live onto 2018. There will be a few that will survive, but it’s fair to say a few deserve to be left behind in this year for good. Here are some that haven’t impressed us at all.

Formal Crop Tops

Crop tops became pretty big this year, and there’s nothing wrong with them up to a point. However, we noticed that a few celebrities and A-listers began to wear crop tops as part of their formal wear. Ok, so crop tops are perfectly fine in a casual situation but please let’s stop this formal crop top malarkey. Formal dresses need to be elegant and sophisticated. And that is no excuse to get your belly out, no matter how posh you might think it is!

Mom Jeans

We can understand why mom jeans became so big with everyone - they are super comfortable! Of course, there is nothing wrong with cozy clothes. In fact, we agree that there aren’t nearly enough clothes that are comfortable these days. But why should comfortable clothes be so frumpy? These mom jeans took it one step too far and made a lot of glamorous girls look frumpy for no reason!

Cut-Out Shoulders

Have you noticed that a lot of tops this year had no shoulders in them? These cut-out shoulder tops were big news in 2017. In actual fact, they were so popular, it became tricky trying to find any tops with long sleeves that still had their shoulders in tact! We’ve got our fingers crossed that shoulders make a comeback next year.

Plastic Shoes

We’re certainly not fans of blisters, so we are still scratching our heads and trying to figure out why plastic shoes caught on this year. It’s probably because some really big names, such as Kim Kardashian, were photographed wearing them. But not only would these plastic shoes cause some major blisters, they are very expensive for shoes that look very cheap!


Every year, there seems to be an animal that is very popular in the fashion world and designers cover their clothes in it. We’ve already had clothes patterns that feature owls and foxes. Well, in 2017, things certainly took a turn for the more fantastical as unicorns took over. We’re hoping that we have already passed peak unicorn. We’ve spotted unicorn shoes, unicorn handbags, and unicorn-covered jumpers. That’s enough unicorn for now, thanks!

Do you agree that these trends need to stay in 2017? Let us know which ones you think should be forgotten!