How to Glam Up For This Year's Office Christmas Party

  Be the center of attention this Christmas

Be the center of attention this Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, offices across the globe have started preparations for their very own parties. Unlike present-shopping, which tends to happen at the very last minute, getting ready for office parties happens much sooner, with many already knowing what they will wear for this very unique occasion.

Should you combine gold and silver? Will you add a touch of glitter to this year’s outfit? Will you go for high stiletto shoes or ankle strap heels? Decisions, decisions... We have prepared our own style guide to help you out with what most likely will be one of 2017’s most memorable events.

Choose a fitted dress to show your curves to the world...or...errr...your office!

Christmas dinner won’t happen until the 24th and if you have been on the most popular diet this year, i.e. five a day, chances are you are still proud of your curves! A nicely fitted long sleeve dress will keep you warm if you decide to leave the premises and do some al fresco networking mid-party and it will also show your body in its truest glory. Choose from one of these beautiful prom dresses to awe your boss and colleagues!

Combine it with a powerful set of drop earrings

You could decide to go for something plain and simple, in order to make sure it is to everyone’s taste, but as far as we are concerned, you are the star of the party and you deserve to be noticed. Why not choose this wonderful set of earrings from H&M? That’s what Christmas is all about, after all - color and sparkle! And we guarantee you, these will look fab no matter what dress you decide to combine them with.

Go for killer heels that will silence the room

Sure, heels can be painful and standing on them for hours can be terrible for your delicate feet, but who’s complaining? With the Christmas office party happening just once a year, this pain is worth enduring. Match that fabulous prom dress with one of these killer heels and stun the room this December. After all, you have worked hard and it would be a shame not to look the part for the grand finale. Go on, treat yourself!

Pick a clutch that matches the dress’ color

We have been known to go a bit crazy during our shopping sprees, women that is. Christmas music playing from the loudspeakers, dozens of shoppers in hectic mode and wintery weather outside the stores makes us all go a bit mad when we go out and hunt for the perfect season dress. However, stay cool when choosing the clutch. This is the make or break fashion accessory and if the decision is rushed, you could end up looking like a badly programmed Katy Perry concert. These clutches are all under $70 and we are loving the look of them!

We hope you got inspired by our Christmas party fashion tips above. Good luck and behave responsibly! Or don’t! Most importantly, don’t let go of your clutch and walk upright. Remember, Christmas parties only happen once a year!