S/S Trends to Keep an Eye On This Season

We’re creeping out of winter and into the spring, but that means more than just slightly improved weather. It also means that a new fashion season is upon us. While this doesn’t necessarily mean upturning your entire wardrobe and trading it in for something new, you may want to keep an eye on some of the trends arising from the runways, glossy editorial shoots, and social media in order to incorporate a few into your signature look. We’re here to help! Here are a few major S/S trends to consider for yourself!


Gelato Hues

While pastel hues for the Spring may be nothing new, it is once again one of the main fashion trends hitting the runways in a big way. This time, however, they’re coming hand in hand with a different, and rather appealing, name tag: gelato hues. The look is every bit delicious as it sounds.

The way to truly keep on trend with this look is to layer the same pastel color over and over in one outfit. We mean it! Top to toe is the way to go! Sies Marjan recently sent models down the runway in complete pistachio ensembles, and Hermes opted for buttermilk blazers, trousers and handbags in one fell swoop of an outfit, whilst the highlight of Nina Ricci’s latest editorial shoot is a combination of lemon yellow loose fit trousers and vest top cinched in at the waist with a belt of a similar tone. Of course, if you’re not feeling brave enough to don the entire gelato look, start out by testing smooth, toned scarves, handbags, or shoes.

Pins and Patches

Now, traditionally, most of us associate pins and patches with the 1980s punk movement or the serving staff in TGI Fridays. But you can incorporate this trend into any outfit in a much more subtle manner. You don’t have to go overboard like Lisa Simpson in Boy Meets Curl and collect every single pin you can get your hands on. One or two will do. The beauty of this trend is that pins and patches are more than a mere accessory. You can express yourself through them. There are plenty of political pin badges out there that will show your allegiance to a particular party. They are also social movement badges that will help you to show off the part you play in a movement or your solidarity with the said movement. Alternatively, there are pins and patches that are simply fun, with references to popular culture including music, film, television, and even memes.



Of course, denim is always on trend. It is, after all, the titan of textiles. Think about it: jeans are the majority of the population’s go to item when getting dressed each day. However, the fit, cut, and wash of denim that prevails each season does tend to change. So what should we look out for this season? We’d advise keeping a lookout for dark, selvedge denim. This was last big in 2000, but it’s making a come back thanks to the work of Tom Ford, Nina Ricci, and Versus. Look for items with a neat finish rather than rips and tears. Tailored fits are also preferable to more casual styles. The great thing about finding the perfect pair of jeans for you is that while you will be on trend this season, they won’t suddenly go out of fashion or look tacky or behind the times next season. Any pair of jeans is an investment piece!

Trench Coats

It’s time to take the trench coat from the wardrobe of novel and crime series detectives and place it within your own. This is the ultimate springtime coat, as you need something that isn’t quite as bulky as your reliable winter coat but still protects you from a slight chill and winds. It’s also a classic which can be placed over almost any ensemble without looking odd or out of place. The classic that people tend to consider is made by Burberry. However, buying these coats brand new can prove extremely expensive. Instead, look for high street alternatives or scour vintage stores. You’d be surprised how many original Burberry trench coats are lying about in charity shops and vintage boutiques. While they may not be from the latest line, they will be affordable, and the signature style has remained relatively similar for years now.

These are the main trends of S/S to focus your efforts on. So, go all out and incorporate them all into your personal style, or go for a more subtle approach, picking and choosing what suits you best!


How to Glam Up For This Year's Office Christmas Party

Be the center of attention this Christmas

Be the center of attention this Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, offices across the globe have started preparations for their very own parties. Unlike present-shopping, which tends to happen at the very last minute, getting ready for office parties happens much sooner, with many already knowing what they will wear for this very unique occasion.

Should you combine gold and silver? Will you add a touch of glitter to this year’s outfit? Will you go for high stiletto shoes or ankle strap heels? Decisions, decisions... We have prepared our own style guide to help you out with what most likely will be one of 2017’s most memorable events.

Choose a fitted dress to show your curves to the world...or...errr...your office!

Christmas dinner won’t happen until the 24th and if you have been on the most popular diet this year, i.e. five a day, chances are you are still proud of your curves! A nicely fitted long sleeve dress will keep you warm if you decide to leave the premises and do some al fresco networking mid-party and it will also show your body in its truest glory. Choose from one of these beautiful prom dresses to awe your boss and colleagues!

Combine it with a powerful set of drop earrings

You could decide to go for something plain and simple, in order to make sure it is to everyone’s taste, but as far as we are concerned, you are the star of the party and you deserve to be noticed. Why not choose this wonderful set of earrings from H&M? That’s what Christmas is all about, after all - color and sparkle! And we guarantee you, these will look fab no matter what dress you decide to combine them with.

Go for killer heels that will silence the room

Sure, heels can be painful and standing on them for hours can be terrible for your delicate feet, but who’s complaining? With the Christmas office party happening just once a year, this pain is worth enduring. Match that fabulous prom dress with one of these killer heels and stun the room this December. After all, you have worked hard and it would be a shame not to look the part for the grand finale. Go on, treat yourself!

Pick a clutch that matches the dress’ color

We have been known to go a bit crazy during our shopping sprees, women that is. Christmas music playing from the loudspeakers, dozens of shoppers in hectic mode and wintery weather outside the stores makes us all go a bit mad when we go out and hunt for the perfect season dress. However, stay cool when choosing the clutch. This is the make or break fashion accessory and if the decision is rushed, you could end up looking like a badly programmed Katy Perry concert. These clutches are all under $70 and we are loving the look of them!

We hope you got inspired by our Christmas party fashion tips above. Good luck and behave responsibly! Or don’t! Most importantly, don’t let go of your clutch and walk upright. Remember, Christmas parties only happen once a year!


FILA’s Clasp Locker Pack Features a New Zipper Design Element

FILA’s Clasp Locker Pack showcases a new zipper feature on three tonal versions of the brand’s Original Fitness and T-1 Mid silhouettes. The Original Fitness is offered in black and white, both designed in a premium leather. The third Original Fitness shoe was created in a tonal red suede.

All three styles boast a gum bottom and outsole, with FILA branding on the midsole, tongue and above the flag. Perforation also appears on the toe box of the Original Fitness. The zipper on all three offerings is presented on the quarter, opposite the signature FILA flag.

Rounding out the Clasp Locker Pack is the T-1 Mid, offered in black premium leather. Similarly to the Original Fitness, the T-1 Mid also boasts a perforated toe-box and a gum bottom. FILA logo hits appear on the quarter and back counter. The zipper feature on the T-1 Mid can also be found opposite the FILA flag.

All three Original Fitness styles retail for $70, while the T-1 Mid retails for $75. The Clasp Locker Pack will be available on FILA.com.

Our favorite feature is the side zipper - it's hip, stylish and edgy. These kicks will give your look the streetwear vibe you're looking for - dress them up with a blazer or dress them down with a hoodie - either way, you win.


How to Achieve 'Understated Elegance' in 3 Simple Steps


Trends are constantly evolving and fashions come and go. What is considered ‘in’ one season can most certainly be ‘out’ the next. One style, however, that never goes out of date and that seems to transcend all others is that of understated elegance. This is a tricky style to master however. We can recognize it when we see it but it can be very difficult to know how to create it ourselves. If you're looking to inject a little more elegance into your wardrobe, then follow our three simple tips on how to do just that.

Your Wardrobe

When trying to create any look, the best place to start is always with your wardrobe. Clothes that are elegant are generally the simple, classic and well-fitted items in your wardrobe. This makes creating elegant outfits reasonably easy to put together as classic and simple items are very good for mixing and matching. Therefore, you are going to want to be rummaging through your wardrobe for items like fitted blazers, of which royal, navy blue is a very chic and smart color for a blazer, as is cream, which unfortunately is a little less practical, so better left for special occasions.

Deck shoes and ballet pumps look fantastic with nautical stripes and fitted khaki trousers or pipe leg jeans. These types of items work well for elegant, smart yet understated day outfits. When it comes to creating elegant evening outfits then you want to be thinking about flowing, soft and romantic lines and materials. Floaty chiffon tops with spaghetti straps work really well with trousers or jeans paired with delicate heels. Wide-legged trousers are a really good look for the evening and work well in a monochromeatic style with blocked, matching colors on top. A-line dresses are very simple yet elegant and look extremely feminine with soft cardigans and flat pumps.

So look for items such as these in your wardrobe as your staple elegant pieces and start to add your accessories from there.


It has never been easier to find accessories for all occasions these days. As jewelry and accessories come in all shapes and sizes, it is now very affordable and easy to change and mix up our style on a regular basis. That is certainly true when it comes to creating a more elegant twist to your outfit. Look for jewelers such as Roma designer jewelry for some inspiration on elegant jewelry options. From pearl and diamond earrings, all the way through to elegant silver bracelets, pendant necklaces and the type of jewelry that would really set off your outfit.

Final Touches

No outfit is complete without a little grooming of the hair and a little preening of the face. The key of elegant hair and makeup is ‘less is more’ so keeping make-up natural and hair neat and tidy is a good place to start. Go for a matte, flawless foundation, pop a subtle blush of  color to your cheeks, focus on neat and well defined eyebrows, a slick of mascara and finish off with a dash of shiny, nude lip gloss. And there you are, elegant, classy and ready to  go.


Celebrity Style: TomorrowWorld Hair Tips

tomorrowworld fashionado

Guys have it easy. Bedhead is a fashion statement for us. So is a shaved head. For a girl, not so much. Sure, it's a double-standard, but it is what it is. So how do you survive three mind-blowing days of TomorrowWorld without a stylist? How do you remain sexy and fresh at all times? Celebrity stylist Max Sanchez of White Salon and Spa breaks it down for us with three absolutely fabulous and easy to do festival hairstyle tips!

How-To Keep Floral Crown In Tact…For Days?
Inspiration: Bella Thorne
- Place your floral crown in a comfortable place
- Spray bobby pins with dry shampoo to prevent slippage (insider tip)
- Criss cross two bobby pins throughout crown to secure in place

How-to create beach waves?
Inspiration: Kate Hudson
- For ultimate results, shampoo the day before you choose to wear your beach waves best
- Your hair’s natural oils will weigh down your scalp appearing your locks to appear greasy; therefore, we recommend applying dry shampoo to the roots
- Use a beach texturizer (our fav: hair resort by Kevin Murphy)
- Shake the waves loose

How-to create pretty plaits?
Inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence
- Prep your braid by brushing throughout to eliminate tangles
- Incorporate gel (our fav: Super Goo by Kevin Murphy) to dry or wet hair while braiding. The gel will polish the hair to have healthy shine and will smooth out fly aways.  

There you have it ladies of TomorrowWorld! Rock the waves, plaits and crowns all night long. Thanks Max!