Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton Offers Accessible, Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials


Virgil Abloh‘s conceptual Louis Vuitton collections have impressed critics and fans alike, though one could argue that they don’t cater to the average consumer; not everyone can wear harnesses and billowing cargo pants as part of a day-to-day wardrobe. Enter Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton.

The concise array of menswear pieces caters to those seeking premium essentials to round out their wardrobes. The goods themselves take the form of recognizable silhouettes, ranging from hoodies and denim jackets to tailored blazers and puffers, but feature subtle tweaks and lavish construction that befits Louis Vuittons luxury reputation.

Fabrication is key to the collection, with top-shelf textiles sourced for each item. Consider the buttery leather gloves, hat and backpack or the beige cashmere hoodie and coat, all replete with subtle details that include carabiner attachments, leather straps and LV-branded buttons. Similarly, the cotton for the denim jacket and jeans is sturdy, yet soft thanks to a special wash, with gold buckles and branded buttons reinforcing the luxurious motif.

A complete collection of items will launch in the debut Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton range, including field, track and leather jackets, a raincoat, polo and tonal utility shirts, flared trousers, cargo pants, cotton chinos and shorts. Classic LV bags, like the Keep-All and Tote, receive a thematic makeover that blends recognizable logos with utilitarian ease. Naturally, the range is rounded out by plentiful accessories, including sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, a low-top sneaker, work boot and derby.

Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton is currently available for pre-order in select Louis Vuitton stores and will be launched in the house’s global outposts on May 3