Trina Turk Grand Opening Recap

Trina Turk Grand Opening


Photo courtesy of Trinity Productions Inc.

As if a Trina Turk showroom at Phipps Plaza wasn't fabulous enough, fashionadoTV got to interview the designer just two days after her Spring 2014 presentation at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC. We had an insightful conversation about Turk's love of mid-century Modern and how it influences the brand. AND when asked what the future holds for Trina Turk, the fashion flood gates opened and an absolutely amazing, impressive and over-whelming amount of style-conscious fabulousness poured out... just wait!!! Wow... stay tuned and hold on! You too Mr. Turk fans. 

Interview coming soon...

Oh, and as for the grand opening of her latest super-mod showroom at Phipps Plaza, Atlanta... it was incredible. Packed with Trina Turk fans and flowing with bubbly.