You're Invited to the 'Back From The Stars' Holiday Soiree at UNOde50

UNOde50 holiday doggies on the catwalk event fashionado

UNOde50 is #BackFromTheStars and ready to sparkle some holiday cheer…

Please join UNOde50, unique handmade jewelry brand from Spain, as they celebrate the season of giving. Discover their Back From The Stars collection and shop for a cause as they donate 10% of all shopping proceeds to the Doggies on the Catwalk Foundation (DotC)! This is an exclusive event hosted by fashionado’s / DotC’s E. Vincent Martinez, Veronica Flam of Veronica Flam Interiors and Rich Valladares. Enjoy sips, bites, and holiday cheer.

UNOde50, a Spanish jewelry brand, was founded in the late 90’s with a design concept that offered a different point of view. One that was exclusive, unique and limitless. The brand set out to unveil a revolution in which the techniques and processes of traditional jewelry-making would be used in the name of creativity.

Today, UNOde50 is present in over 42 countries with more than 100 stores in main cities around the world, including: Toronto, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Berlin, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Moscow and Paris, keeping its philosophy of exclusiveness through a highly crafted production process.




On Saturday, June 7, 2014 from 4-9PM, join Central Atlanta Progress for the grand opening celebration and pop up shop crawl to kickoff off the Downtown Pop Up Retail Shops   Featuring 14 merchants taking over vacant storefronts along Atlanta’s Streetcar route in Downtown’s most walkable communities. Atlantans and visitors alike are invited to be the first to explore the pop ups while enjoying in-store giveaways, music, food, drinks and much more. CAP’s Downtown Pop Up Shops will be open to the public through August 2014. 

Allowing temporary retailers to showcase their wares and generate revenue while promoting retail and shopping along the streetcar route, the highly anticipated pop up shops feature a diverse range of retailers and artists offering clothing, gifts, accessories, pet supplies, shoes, furniture and home accessories, local goods and more throughout the summer.  Downtown Pop Up retailers include: 

Sock Fancy


Arbitrary Living

Just Add Honey Tea Company

The Byrd's Box

Brixtix Bakery for Dogs


The Indie Craft Experience


Civil Bikes

Rob Simmons Gallery

Fallen Arrows

, and 

Bliss In Me Meditation

. For more on each retailer’s location and the Downtown Pop Up route, visit the interactive map at

Here's a Pop Up peek of what's coming tomorrow in this photo gallery:



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ART: Judson Guerard Hot Glass


I own a couple of these beautiful handblown goblets. Over the years I have given plenty of them as gifts. In 1988, when I moved to Penland, North Carolina, I met Judson Guerard, the hot glass artist who creates these magnificent pieces. Judson, his wife Sally and I have remained good friends for more than two decades! After numerous visits to their home and studio in Bakersville, NC I thought it was time to feature Judson's art work.

How did you get introduced to hot glass?

Well, the simple cute answer was that I didn't have a focus and [hot glass] it appealed to me. I liked the process and the work that you can make. This particular way just appealed to me. I took a weekend class at Blake Street Glass in Denver and I found the process was likable.

At what point did you make that transition from student to artist?

When I made those goblets. That's when I first felt that I had some potential. And even though I never took any art classes, I did have a background in aesthetics from grad school.

How do you describe your design aesthetics?

There are times I wonder what the hell they are (joking)! The underlying thing for me is there's a luminescence glass can have that I find very appealing. Its always elusive to find the form that it works together with so for me its the quality of light. The way it gets diffused and becomes mysterious and ethereal. Luminesce keeps me fascinated and engaged.


Tell me about the "Chaos" series.

They have a sculptural element. It was a way for me to do several different processes through glass than just making a vessel.

Why Chaos?

Is the universe ordered or chaotic? On one extreme, God manages everything. That's one extreme of understanding the world and the other extreme is that all the universe is random and that these are just a happen chance of molecules that create the world. I'm somewhere in between. Life is intelligible but there's also a randomness to how things occur. And so the vessels tend to have a round symmetrical shape while the surface tends to be more random and weathered looking with different textures. Chaos is my way of visually presenting the orderliness and randomness that's in the world.


Your current works, titled "River Rocks" go in a different direction than the Chaos series. Can you talk about them?

They're more emotive than thought driven. A French philosopher named


who said something to the effect that the challenge was to make new metaphors out of old metaphors. In a sense that's what these [glass] river rocks are... taking something as simple and primal as a worn river rock and in a sense making it precious by creating the image out of glass, giving it the desire to touch it. I also keep coming back to luminosity, the quality of light. Translating the meditative quality of watching, in a way, and abstracting the rocks themselves to light in form as they are when they are in the river.


Tell me one specific aspect about hot glass that appeals to you?

Fluidity... things that are liquid are fairly hard and frustrating [to work with]. The fluidity of glass appeals to me. When you can trap that fluidity and catch it spontaneously you get a real representation that transcends the simplicity of the action you're describing.


Visit Judson Guerard hot glass on line at

Guerard Glass

. If you're traveling, these galleries carry Judson's work:

Pismo Glass Gallery

in Colorado, Twisted Laurel in Spruce Pine, NC and Bella Vista Gallery, Asheville, NC.


Judson designs a beautiful collection of ornaments. I've got mine on display year round!


The man behind the art, Judson Guerard at work. I gained a higher level of respect for the process after trying to blow glass during my visit. Anything but easy!

When I need to escape the "speed" of the city, this is where I go, Judson and Sally's home in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Feeding the llamas! Not something I get to do everyday in Atlanta! They also have a dog, cats and reportedly, a mountain lion that prowls around the area!

If you're ever in the Western North Carolina region, think about visiting Guerard Glass. Judson is always working in the studio so chances are you'll catch him in action, blowing glass.



TheToy Party 2011


The most anticipated & celebrated holiday benefit returns next Sunday.


“Our wonderful donors have been very generous this year, and I know that these one-of-a-kind contributions will help us set a new fundraising record – again!” said

Chris Bess

, president of

For the Kid in All of Us

. “We are pleased to welcome Mead Brown back, and are happy that No Mas Cantina is joining us for the first time this year.

So put on your holiday finery and come ready to bid; your donation will help brighten the lives of children in Georgia this Christmas!”

For the Kid in All of Us

will transform


into a

Winter Wonderland

for the 



annual Toy Party & Silent Auction

benefiting Georgia’s underprivileged children. All contributions – toys and gift cards – will be donated to 23 non-profit agencies that serve Georgia’s children in need in time for the holidays.

The 2011 Toy Party & Silent Auction will include complimentary holiday inspired cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and party beats provided by 

DJ Vicki Powell

. *

Guests must be 21 and older to attend and are encouraged to wear festive holiday attire.

*An after-party will be held at the 

W Hotel Downtown