Recap: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week China Art Hearts Fashion

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week China has come to an end, but the mark left by the Art Hearts Fashion Designers has left a lasting impression. From October 25th - 30th Art Hearts Fashion presented Six international brands to the MBFW runway and brand exhibit at 751D Park. 

On Saturday October 29th at 7:30pm China was taken on a western journey by six amazing and unique international designers. The showcase opened with children's brand Lulu Et Gigi from Paris France. The brands signature Parisian flair lit up the crowd and brought smiles to the packed house. Celebrity model Madeline Stuart closed the show to a round of applause for a great cause. Los Angeles favorite Hale Bob by designer Daniel Bohbot took center stage with gorgeous silk ensembles and a preview of their denim line. Argyle Grant followed with a standing ovation and loud cheer as beautiful male models walked the runway in the sophisticated speedo and resort wear looks the brand has become known for. Edgy Street wear with swag appeal followed as Mister Triple X by Erik Rosete brought a sexy display of men and womenswear to the MBFW runway. Stand out brand Arzamendi Style by Ada Arzamendi had the audience turning pink with envy as her models graced the catwalk in pink gowns and matching pink wigs. The grand finale of the Arzamendi show featured a lit up LED bride that left a memorable impression. The evening closed with none other than celebrity designer Willfredo Gerardo. Willfredo brought his signature eveningwear and sexy silhouettes to wrap up the show in a memorable manner. 


Recap: Mister Triple X Lights LA Fashion Week On Fire

Fashion Week Los Angeles is officially over, but we can still feel the heat from the sexy fashion show presented by Mister Triple X at this seasons Los Angeles Fashion Week edition of Art Hearts Fashion. The 4 day event held at the world famous Beverly Hilton Hotel was the biggest and most spectacular fashion event that the west coast has experienced since the days of Smash Box and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Over 50 designers showcased their talents from around the world to a full house of fashion insiders.

Mister Triple X  opened with none other than the original super model Janice Dickinson, brining the crowd on their feet and elevating the mood of the room. Closing the show was tattoo supermodel Marshall Perrin and Shas of Sunset star Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi. Celebrity guests included DJ Paul Three Six Mafia, Reza Farahan, Mike Shouhed, Adam Neely, Kiara Belen, Sham Ibrahim, Pol Atteu, Sean McElwee, Chelsea Werner, Patrick Simpson, and dance moms Abbey Lee Miller. 


Top 10 Independent Fashion Weeks Not Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz

The energy surrounding Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City is always very exciting. Many have referred to MBFW / NYFW as a big fashion circus with as much of a style show on the street as on the runway. As we are just days away from fashion week, I'd like to share with you  a list of ten of the best fashion weeks from around the world that are NOT sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. Imagine that... Hey, I love MBFW as much as the next guy but they're not the only "ride" in town. After all, fashion loves options... See list below:


As an international and interdisciplinary platform, FASHIONCLASH organizes a variety of events and projects to showcase the work of new generations of designers and artists. The main event is the FASHIONCLASH Festival, an annual international fashion festival that features emerging talent from a range of disciplines.


Berlin Alternative Fashion Week is a platform showcasing the rise of alternative concepts in fashion. With a weeklong program of shows and marketplaces, it aims to promote influential, genre-breaking innovators and connect them with established contemporaries in the fields of fashion, music, and art in a context that isn’t constrained or dominated by big brands and labels.


Brighton Fashion Week was born by serendipitous necessity, the need to give voice to the creative individuals that are taking control of their creativity, their work, their output, and their vision. Working with and not for designers, Brighton Fashion Week has for 10 years offered a platform for designers, artists, costumers, and explorers the opportunity to showcase their talents.


For an outstanding 25 seasons, Vancouver Fashion Week has brought emerging talent from around the world to their runway. Diversity and multiculturalism are celebrated in the heart of the bi-annual fashion shows. By providing an accessible platform to designers, buyers, media, and industry professionals, VFW leads its participants on a path to success in the world of fashion.


Founded by the non-profit BK|Style Foundation, Fashion Week Brooklyn puts on a bi-annual show featuring designers from around the world. FW|BW goes beyond fashion to support and raise awareness for social issues like human rights, HIV/AIDS, poverty, and community development. Proceeds from each season support charitable organizations.


Serbia Fashion Week is the country’s leading voice in international fashion. With partnership agreements from 16 European countries, Serbian designers are able to showcase their work across the continent in fashion shows, educational workshops, exhibitions, and competitions for students studying fashion. SFW encourages the exchange of ideas, creativity, and talent across borders.


Copenhagen Fashion Week is the largest fashion event in the Nordic Region. With its mix of Danish and international talent, the shows attract an enormous number of designers, buyers, and press from around the world. Every February and August, Copenhagen Fashion Week fills its catwalks and trade fairs with a diverse array of progressive fashion brands.


Showcasing contemporary design from countries across Africa, Africa Fashion Week aims to foster economic cooperation between nations around the world while simultaneously promoting African designers and brands. Founded by New York public relations and communications firm Adiree in 2009, Africa Fashion Week puts on shows in fashion capitals like New York, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, and Tokyo to expose the African fashion industry.


With a weeklong program of world-class runway shows, workshops, seminars, forums, and live entertainment, Melbourne Fashion Week offers both up-and-coming and established designers in Australia the opportunity to make their work known to the world. The Melbourne Fashion Festival will celebrate its 20th edition next March.


A crowd-sourced runway show, VFILES MADE FASHION offers young talents in the fashion world the opportunity to show their work on runways like New York Fashion Week. VFILES is an online community that enables all those involved in the fashion world, from designers to photographers and stylists to fashion fans, to get exposure digitally and on the runway.


Dennis Basso Fall 2015

Once again, glamour proves to be a timeless thing. Dennis Basso pulled inspiration from the chic side of the 70s for Fall 2015. The gowns were opulent, extravagant and flowing. There was plenty of glitz to go around. And fur. Rich chinchilla, lynx and fox. Many of them embellished with leather and/or dyed. While there were a number of show-stopping evening looks, we cannot ignore Basso's day wear. Chic, elegant and confident short dresses and slacks with just enough flair to give off a retro-modern vibe.


Public School Fall 2015

I admit that I have a slight (not-so-slight) obsession with Public School. Designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne's approach to design, gender, style and comfortability resonates perfectly with the past, the now and future of fashion. Season after season they continue to metamorphosize their street-wear style into the chic and upscale. This collection is modern, edgy and at times very unisex. Also, Public School did something very new (for them) they introduced color for Fall 2015. A splash here and there, but nonetheless, another sign of growth and brand development. These guys are just really really cool. Keep your eyes out for Public School.


New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Best Dressed Street Style Men / Women

Many have stated that the real fashion show during fashion week is on the streets. Been there, done that, love it. And the best part is, you don't need an invitation because this show is all inclusive and open to the public! (So snobby PR girls, check yourself.)

While I believe that Paris wins the prize for best and most outrageously dressed, after all it is the home of couture, New York Fashion Week never disappoints. With that said, out of curiosity, I decided to see what some of the major fashion publications had to say about NYFW street style. I pulled the best street style photos from Vogue, GQ and Harper's Bazaar. When you're playing in the big leagues, you better dress the part and New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 scored a home run. (OMG... I can't believe I just made a sports reference!) Back to fashion...


THOM BROWNE Spring 2015

Thom Browne Spring 2015
Thom Browne Spring 2015

Thom Browne's garden was in full bloom for Spring 2015. There truly are no limits to the designer's genius. How can one individual contain so much in their head I don't know ... but keep them coming Thom! As usual, the looks are heavily layered and accessorized, but a closer inspection reveals something you don't always see in a Thom Browne show - wearability. Remove a coat and some of the facial gear and you're good to go. But leave the hats!

The fabulous, sculptural masterpieces by milliner Stephen Jones who collaborated with Browne's vision to produce these exquisite pieces. View Collection: