Father's Day Style for the Modern Gent

Calling all Dad’s - let’s upgrade your style this Father’s Day! Our friends at Monck Mason Clothiers and I have a few styling tips for you. Don’t worry, they’re easy!

First up and above everything, good style is about good fit. When shopping, buy your size. And even if the garment still feels a little too loose, or the pant or shorts are a little longer than you wish, you can have them tailored. (It’s not expensive!)

Pay attention to detail. Pocket squares, watches, no show socks vs. regular socks. Embrace them all to attain a modern look to your personal style.

Lastly, for now, consider bringing a “wow-factor” to any look with super cool shoes. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, literally, and experiment. You may like the results.