Opera Carolina Presents a Recycled Runway Show at Paris Fashion Week


Opera Carolina’s Opera Recycles sustainable couture program will show at Paris Fashion Week on March 4.

Opera Carolina will travel over 4,000 miles to Paris to present “Opera Recycles,” an eco-couture fashion show at Paris Fashion Week on March 4 at the InterContinental Paris - Le Grand. This unique opportunity will showcase the art of opera and environmental conservation on an international scale.

Opera Recycles is a program that promotes environmental awareness by creating couture fashion using recycled printed materials. In the four years since it launched, more than 36,000 pieces of marketing materials, such as old playbills and postcards, have been used to create couture gowns and fashionable statement pieces. This program is a part of Opera Carolina’s initiative to encourage sustainability efforts amongst the community. No other for-profit company or non-profit organization uses its printed material to create couture fashion, making Opera Carolina unique in the Carolinas region.

“This has exceeded my expectations,” said Megan Miller, Opera Carolina’s marketing director. “Not only has this initiative help promote the importance of sustainably and environmental conservation but we also showcased our local models and designers to bring a piece of Charlotte to New York.”

Opera Carolina is presenting eight recycled dresses created by six local designers; Lyndsee Hairston, Malou Tabada Cordery, Sarah Danee, Itala Flores, Rocio Llusca and Edelweiss De Guzman. Opera Carolina is representing the city of Charlotte while promoting the importance of environmental conservation.

Oxford Fashion Studio Showcase produces 100+ runway shows across all fashion capitals showing 600+ designers from over 70 countries.

Opera Carolina promotes the Opera Recycles program around the city of Charlotte, and on a national and international stage as a way to introduce opera to new audiences all while promoting sustainability effort.



sɛr(ə)nˈdɪpɪti/ (n.) the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. « a fortunate stroke of serendipity »

It was an early spring afternoon when "Serendipity" knocked on the door with a joyful unexpected surprise. Was it a coincidence or destiny? Sometimes you do not need to understand, just have faith and something wonderful will mark your way! As terrifying feelings, fate, love, change of hearts, unspoken words might be, there is always a hope for a stumble of magic dust for keeping them alive.  

For Maria Aristidou, Fall/Winter 2018-19 couture collection, the inspiration was an overjoyed roller coaster. Her new luxurious knit couture geometric patterns with embroidered embellishments captures the romantic side of a woman and the power of the universe! Colors of limelight and darkness create a luxe feast of knit fabrics for sleek cut designs that embrace the female figure. Timeless classic with a modern twist are the signatures of the designer's Fall/Winter 2018-19 "Serendipity" Collection.


Julien David Fall 2018 Menswear

Julien David Fall 2018 Menswear

“I wanted to take a step and look at the sociological aspect—how we behave,” he confirmed. “I [thought] to abduct specific characters and just study the human species.” 

Julien David / Vogue

Julien David Fall 2018 Menswear - David featured 20 looks and 20 breeds wearing "normal" clothes. The models were hanging out in a presentation playing cards, drinking whiskey and exercising. Per Vogue, the masks proved to be more expressive than your average model.


Thom Browne Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear

thom browne 2018 rtw

Two girls dreaming of unicorns and mermaids, and all the things that little girls dream of... Thom Browne

Thom Browne Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear - see full Paris Fashion Week collection.


Alexis Mabille Fall 2017 Couture

Exquisite. Stunning. Alexis Mabille Fall 2017 Couture - see collection.


Iris van Herpen Fall 2017 Couture

Iris van Herpen Fall 2017 Couture - see collection.


EWA MINGE Couture Fall-Winter 2017-2018

ewa minge couture
EWA MINGE Couture Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Inspired by the ancient gypsy fables, Ewa Minge for her Couture collection fall-winter 2017/18 transports us into an enchanted, joyful and dancing world. Multi-colored and multi-layered silhouettes, numerous details and accessories evoke the rich and singing world of this culture. Embroideries and butterflies appear on many garments and were created by the "students" of the Black Butterflies Foundation as part of their art-therapy.

Indeed, under the eye of the designer for several months, women who fight against cancer have made "small works of art" from pearls. And as they say, these butterflies helped us to pass this difficult time during treatment and transported us to another wonderful world where everything is possible.

Art helps to keep the disease away; These women will be present in Paris to attend the parade and see their butterflies fly into the great capital. Ewa Minge wants as well to present a plus-size model because she creates for all women and believes that beauty does not have sizes.