The How-to on Short-Sleeved Shirts

Anyone who has experienced a Summer day in Atlanta could tell you that there are days that it would be best to just stay indoors due to the extreme humidity. Regardless to where you live, it is important to not allow the weather to damper your style or to cause you to care less about what you wear for the sake of keeping cool. For men, one of the ways to remain fashion-forward during the warmer seasons is to choose the right short-sleeved shirt to incorporate into their look.

Although I am not one who is opposed to wearing polo shirts or t-shirts, I would like to focus our attention particularly on the men’s short-sleeved button-up shirt. At one point, the short-sleeved button-up was one that a lot of men would rather avoid altogether; feeling as if it makes them look like a real geek or some typical IT worker.  Truth is, the short-sleeve button-up when worn right, can be the perfect complement to your summer ensemble. To accomplish this tastefully, the gentleman must understand the science behind the fit, patterns and colors and the versatility of these shirts.


Fit is everything! You want to make sure that the short-sleeved shirt is slim-fitting, but not too tight. When wearing a shirt that is too tight or too large, it tends to draw unwanted attention to problem areas and does not communicate well. The shirt should not feel as if it is at risk for popping a button if the wrong move is made. The collar should be able to button comfortably and sit closely on the neck without constriction. Typically, you should only be able to put two fingers in the collar to assure the appropriate size. Likewise, the sleeves should come mid-bicep and should not be so tight that they cut into the bicep nor billow on the arms.


According to the style etiquette of patterns and colors, solids and stripes are generally more business wear patterns. When wearing a short-sleeved shirt, this option can provide the man with more style versatility and edge in the workplace. As for color, the idea is to treat more vibrant colors as an accessory rather than a primary that does not distract from the overall look. This of course, is subject to interpretation, but should always synchronize with the rest of the outfit. If you are unsure as to what color works best for you, it ‘s probably a good idea to ask a salesperson or someone more informed fashionably.


Short-sleeved button-up shirts can be worn either tucked in or left out depending on the look you’re aiming for. Typically, the tucked in look gives a more tailored appearance and works best with a tailored pair of slacks and formidable leather shoes. This can also be worn tucked into a pair of lightweight, cotton shorts. On the other-hand, the short-sleeved shirt can also be worn un-tucked along with a crisp pair of khaki or cotton shorts, rolled-up chinos or denim jeans and trainers.

By Men's Style Blogger & Contributor:

Brian A. Hampton / Dress Like a Gent @_dresslikeagent