When Fashion & Forecast Collide: How to Be Hot in Extreme Weather

Fashion is an all-weather event — just ask anyone who attends NYFW in February. Yet so many fashionistas forgo their usual flair when the weather gets rough. Below is our exclusive styling guide to get you looking great when the temps are hot or cold:

So Hot in Here

While it seems like every girl and her mother loves a good maxi dress these days, anyone who lives in humidity know that a maxi traps the heat and can create a seriously swampy and uncomfortable situation. So unless they’re in a super breathable or sheer fabric, maxi’s are not the way to go for keeping cool in the summer months. Calf-length skirts and dresses are hip and retro and a great alternative to maxi’s with just as much coverage. Whether you’re headed to the boardwalk or a summer wedding, this dress length is on trend and easy to dress up or down.

A Word About Summer Feet

Ditch the flip-flops, please! They are unbelievably unflattering and horrible for your feet. The most universally flattering sandals have one thing in common: an ankle strap. First of all, any shoe with an ankle strap is a thousand times easier to walk in. Look for a cute little sandal with an ankle strap that hits at the most narrow part of your ankle. Even a centimeter below that, and your ankles will look wider; but if you find a strap that hits right at the narrowest point, your ankles will look narrow and you'll instantly look taller, leaner and more proportionate. Always check yourself in a full-length mirror when trying on shoes. They really do change your whole look, including your posture.

Cold Weather Combat

Nothing makes a girl more cranky than freezing cold feet, right? That’s why rubber boots are your best friend in a cold and slushy city. Fortunately, rubber boots have come a long way in the style department over the last few years. What used to be footwear that you only wore to shovel snow in are now a fantastic and mind-bogglingly practical way to make a fashion statement. Get them in polka dots or houndshooth if you really need to break out of that cold weather rut. Add leggings and a sweater dress, and you’re rocking the "NYC model on her day off" uniform.

When it comes to outerwear, you should always have a hood. At least one water-resistant outer layer with a hood is mandatory for any well-prepared wardrobe. And remember, if you really want to be warm, the longer the jacket the warmer the wearer. Shorter, cropped or puffer jackets give you shape but long jackets (calf length or longer) are what will really keep you warm. Get creative belting your longer jacket with a unique thrifted scarf to add interest and keep your figure from getting lost.

Accessorize, Ladies

Gloves, a beanie, and a scarf are way better to have and not need than to freeze your little fashionista fingers off trying to post a pic. And oh yeah; gloves that work on the touchscreen of your iPad or smartphone are totally a thing now. You can even get them online for super cheap.

When it comes to headwear, it’s all about the beanie. Make sure yours is on the looser side. A tight beanie looks dated and also really messes up your coif. Once you’re inside, you’re definitely taking the beanie off, right? So bring reinforcements: keep a tiny bottle of hairspray and an old toothbrush in your purse or desk. Spray the toothbrush and swipe away flyaways in the bathroom mirror.

Play with different shapes and proportions of scarves to stay warm and add a different element of proportion to your outfit. Pinterest is flooded with "How to Tie a Scarf" boards to get your brain going. Not all scarves are long and narrow. Pick up a few vintage ones in different shapes at your local thrift store. Practice with a few different shapes and sizes. Shoot to have three favorite scarves that you can wrap and/or tie in a few different ways. This gives you lots of quick options while getting dressed on a chilly morning.