Styling the OOTD for NYFW 2017

Looking effortless takes effort. Don't ever let a stylist, wardrobe specialist or fashion blogger tell you otherwise. As I created my outfit of the day (OOTD) looks for NYFW, I was going for a cool, I don't care too much attitude. Guess what? I found myself caring too much! That's when the "e" word came into play - EDIT. I wanted to sport a street-style vibe but the dapper gentlemen inside kept fighting me... are you sure you don't want a blazer with that? How about a dress shoe...?

When I felt I was getting too fussy with my looks, I'd take a step back and EDIT. Taking the New York city cold temps into account, I asked myself, how can I dress warmly, comfortably yet still look stylish. I then began pulling from my closet. First, the trousers: blue denim jeans from Uniqlo, black jeans by Helmut Lang, black cropped slacks from Kit & Ace and lastly, heavy wool pants with a camo pattern by Mark McNairy. For my tops I went the sweatshirt route: Gap and Todd Snyder. To "dress them up" try wearing a collared shirt underneath. Then it was time for footwear. I'm packing mostly sneakers: a pair by Vans - pictured above, super cool kicks from Nike and to step it up, the Will Chukka boot by FRYE.

Now that I have my wardrobe foundation set, I had to consider accessories, including outwear. I packed two jackets. One with a fur-trimmed hoodie and the other, a brown-bronzed puffer. Scarves and gloves also made their way into my luggage. And finally, some kind of bag is an essential. (See photo above.) In it, you can carry items like cell phone chargers, water, NYFW runway materials, programs, etc... Oh, and one last thing I packed - an umbrella. That too can go in my bag and hopefully stay there!

None of this was "hard." But just like most things in life, it took some thought and planning. Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@fashionado) for all things NYFW!!!