Introducing the All-Black Monsieur de CHANEL Watch

All-Black Take on Its Monsieur de CHANEL Watch

Turning its focus back to its Monsieur de CHANEL watch, Chanel recently unveiled a new all-black take on its flagship watch.

Set to officially launch at Baselworld 2019, the Monsieur de CHANEL Édition Noire features a 42mm matte black ceramic case paired with a matching grained dial. Markings on the dial are raised and done in a silver tone for a classic look.

The watch utilizes Chanel’s proprietary movement developed by independent watchmaker Romain Gauthier, expressed via a 240-degree retrograde minute scale and accompanying hour window. A sapphire window on the steel case back spotlights the Caliber 1 hand-wound movement, which features twin barrels and a 72-hour power reserve.

No official pricing details just yet, but Chanel’s Monsieur de CHANEL Edition Noire watch is set for a 55 unit limited release sometime in September.



[My] "Style Signature" Shoot with Atlanta-based photographer Ralph Collins

e. vincent martinez fashionado

A couple years back, a young photographer caught my eye at the Ragtrade Atlanta runway show. Ralph Collins was framing his shots in an unconventional way by using different angles and suggesting art and movement.

Recently, he contacted me and offered a photo shoot but gave me a challenge at the same time. He wanted to capture "my style" and gave me three parameters to feature: brunch, casual day and formal. This wasn't the challenge! The challenge was that I had to pull from my own wardrobe - yep, my closet. At first I thought damn, I like when I get to play with labels from Saks or Jeffrey Atlanta - I'm tired of what's in my closet. You understand, right? Ralph's request made me think a little harder and appreciate what I already had. For the "formal" look, I knew I didn't want to do black tie so I opted for a suit and tie. Gucci suit, YSL coat and a crisp white shirt from Nordstrom. The safari jacket and green sweater for brunch and for a stylish casual look I went with joggers and a Chanel sweatshirt, sneakers by Tods.

Ralph was pleased with my choices. This is what he said about the shoot: 

The man himself, Mr. Fashionado, E. Vincent Martinez, stands in front of my lens for the very first time and it was a true experience. What is very understated is the level of personal style that the titled "style bloggers" have, due often to the assumption that their style is birthed from the necessity of their profession. With this photoshoot, I challenged that paradigm and requested that Vincent would come to the shoot prepared, given only the parameters of three occasions "Brunch" "Casual Day" and "Formal Dress". When we arrived at the studio for setup, and he began to display the wardrobe, he spoke with such assurance, such understanding in each piece and the meaning behind them and the memories that were attached to them; completely in awe I hung on every word while imagining exactly how I wanted to showcase them. 
Vincent's signature style became clear to me as we began to shoot. Simple staples with characteristics that reflect the functionality in which they're meaning to be used. No item brought simply for the sake of a logo, name recognition, or the need to prove one as "fashionable", but all items brought as a reflection of the necessary functions. 

I'm flattered and humbled. Thank you Ralph Collins. Keep doing what you're doing!


Celine Dion in VOGUE Fashion Shoot

Celine Dion wearing Bibhu Mohapatra.

Celine Dion wearing Bibhu Mohapatra.

[In my opinion] Celine Dion has always been a fashion icon. Remember her at the 1999 Oscars in her white John Galliano backwards tuxedo? Well, this time, the iconic songstress is featured in a to-die-for-I-can't-stop-watching photo/video shoot with Vogue. Celine is captivating in  Giambattista Valli, Dior, Rodarte, Maison Margiela, Valentino and of course, Chanel. The video (above) captures all the clips that were posted by Vogue Magazine today on Instagram.  This. Is. What. A. Real Diva look like. Flawless.


Chanel Spring 2017

Classic Chanel with a bit of modern. Always a theatrical set and Uncle Karl opened the show with a remix of Donna Summer's I Feel Love. Excellent.


Karl Lagerfeld takes Chanel to Cuba

Last year he took us to Seoul and yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld announced that he will be presenting the Chanel Cruise 2017 collection in Havana, Cuba. [You know I am dying over this!]

Cuba has served as the inspiration to recent fashion shoots and designer collections but leave it to Uncle Karl to be still, my beating heart by featuring a runway collection in the Cuba that I love so much. After returning to Cuba after more than four decades and meeting my father and traveling through different parts of Havana I am pro-everything that can move this island forward. 

I wonder where the show will occur? There are so many fabulous options. I can see it happening around el Malecon with the waves crashing on one side, historic buildings on the other and the street serving as the runway. But, I can also visualize a show down the grand terrazzo pathway of el Paseo del Prado. No matter where the venue ends up being, Chanel always brings drama and grandeur to everything it touches and this event will no doubt be epic.

So I have my work cut out: 1. get an invitation to the show AND 2.) secure my Cuban visa to travel legally back to Cuba (takes 4-6 weeks to get a visa.)


CHANEL Spring 2016 FLY ME

Move over Delta, Chanel Airlines is here! Uncle Karl transformed the Grand Palais into the most chic terminal in the world. Remember the days when ladies and gentlemen dressed to fly? There were no pajamas or sweats on this flight! Chanel Spring 2016 continues to evolve the legendary label with its mix of modernity and classic. Lots of tweed alongside bright graphic patterns and prints. Layered pieces gave way to a more relaxed vibe, though it was first class all the way.


BELLA BAG's Luxury Pop Up at Doggies on the Catwalk

When luxury retailer Bella Bag, located at Buckhead Atlanta, contacted me about participating in Doggies on the Catwalk I was thrilled! If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then Bella Bag carries the designer handbags that hold them. On Saturday, June 13th, Bella Bag will be hosting a Louis Vuitton Pop Up shop during Doggies on the Catwalk! You're pampered pooch will be the most stylish 'doggie' in the city with their LV collar, leash and carrying case. Bella Bag will take orders Saturday night and will donate 10% back to the Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption!

Bella Bag will have a prominent presence on the 'Catwalk' as well. They are pairing up Chanel, Celine and Dior, just to name a fabulous few, with looks from Theory, Helmut, Brunello and A+O! This is very exciting and kudos to Bella Bag and the participating brands for demonstrating neighborly fashion love.

Whatever is greater than thrilled is what I feel right now!! Make sure and stop by Bella Bag at Buckhead Atlanta, I think I hear a Birkin calling your name.

See you Saturday at 7PM at Doggies on the Catwalk! PS... remember to bring your stockpiled foreign currency. International Giving will convert to USD and donate to the cause! See IG at check-in.