How to Achieve 'Understated Elegance' in 3 Simple Steps


Trends are constantly evolving and fashions come and go. What is considered ‘in’ one season can most certainly be ‘out’ the next. One style, however, that never goes out of date and that seems to transcend all others is that of understated elegance. This is a tricky style to master however. We can recognize it when we see it but it can be very difficult to know how to create it ourselves. If you're looking to inject a little more elegance into your wardrobe, then follow our three simple tips on how to do just that.

Your Wardrobe

When trying to create any look, the best place to start is always with your wardrobe. Clothes that are elegant are generally the simple, classic and well-fitted items in your wardrobe. This makes creating elegant outfits reasonably easy to put together as classic and simple items are very good for mixing and matching. Therefore, you are going to want to be rummaging through your wardrobe for items like fitted blazers, of which royal, navy blue is a very chic and smart color for a blazer, as is cream, which unfortunately is a little less practical, so better left for special occasions.

Deck shoes and ballet pumps look fantastic with nautical stripes and fitted khaki trousers or pipe leg jeans. These types of items work well for elegant, smart yet understated day outfits. When it comes to creating elegant evening outfits then you want to be thinking about flowing, soft and romantic lines and materials. Floaty chiffon tops with spaghetti straps work really well with trousers or jeans paired with delicate heels. Wide-legged trousers are a really good look for the evening and work well in a monochromeatic style with blocked, matching colors on top. A-line dresses are very simple yet elegant and look extremely feminine with soft cardigans and flat pumps.

So look for items such as these in your wardrobe as your staple elegant pieces and start to add your accessories from there.


It has never been easier to find accessories for all occasions these days. As jewelry and accessories come in all shapes and sizes, it is now very affordable and easy to change and mix up our style on a regular basis. That is certainly true when it comes to creating a more elegant twist to your outfit. Look for jewelers such as Roma designer jewelry for some inspiration on elegant jewelry options. From pearl and diamond earrings, all the way through to elegant silver bracelets, pendant necklaces and the type of jewelry that would really set off your outfit.

Final Touches

No outfit is complete without a little grooming of the hair and a little preening of the face. The key of elegant hair and makeup is ‘less is more’ so keeping make-up natural and hair neat and tidy is a good place to start. Go for a matte, flawless foundation, pop a subtle blush of  color to your cheeks, focus on neat and well defined eyebrows, a slick of mascara and finish off with a dash of shiny, nude lip gloss. And there you are, elegant, classy and ready to  go.