Swimwear Trends 2019

Summer means pool time, beaches and travel. Have you shopped for swimsuits yet? Let’s look at some of the latest swimwear trends that will keep you styling all summer long and maybe turn heads, in a good way! One (or two) of our favorite designer labels are Trina Turk and Mr. Turk for men - they bring the pop & chic to every collection season after season.

1-    The one piece is back! But did it really ever go away? Every major designer featured one piece bathing suits on the runway this year so now it’s your turn. They came in all colors, from nude to brights and featured interesting elements such as one-shoulder straps, lace-ups and cut-outs.

2-    Which brings us to another hot trend: cut-outs. A little peek-a-boo around the side, back or mid-section will keep you on trend this summer and let you have a little fun with your own personal style. It’s a great option for showing skin while sporting a one-piece.

3-    Animal prints (and all prints in general, like florals and paisley) are everywhere in fashion from ready-to-wear, couture and swim. Embrace prints!

4-    For MEN: go short or go home! Enough already with knee-length swim trunks. Tan those legs! (And remember that a little manscaping goes a long way.)

There are many looks and many wonderful styles to choose from this summer in swimwear. Other womenswear trends are high-waisted bottoms, 80s-90s vibes, ruffles and sleeves, yes sleeves… Don’t forget a good cover up too! When just lounging around a pool, it’s nice and classy to throw on a cover-up over your swimsuit. So many choices. Have fun with them and we suggest about three swim suits, men also, so that you have variety this summer.


JASON WU x FILA SS2017 Collection Launched in Beijing

FILA collaborated with Jason Wu to launch a new JASON WU x FILA sports collection. To celebrate the latest line, a grand fashion show was held in Beijing 798. Jason Wu’s latest collection seamlessly combines vibrant colors and geometric patterns to highlight the elegance of high-end sportswear.

In addition to creating brand new designs for the Jason Wu x FILA SS2017 collection, Jason Wu personally provided creative ideas for the fashion show in Beijing. The show seamlessly combined grass and wood with marble and concrete, yielding a unique cross-border inspiration and creating a fashion space that was both raw and refined.

On the day of the event, hundreds of distinguished guests were on-hand to witness the fashionable showcase from Jason Wu and his team in New York, including: Mr. Gene Yoon, Chairman at FILA, Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman of Anta Group, Mr. Yao Weixiong, President of FILA in China, the "elegant goddess" Miss Zhang Li, Korean fashion icon Miss Ko Joon Hee, Olympic table tennis champion Wang Hao. and fashion mastermind Miss Li Hui.

Many internationally renowned models also attended the JASON WU x FILA SS2017 fashion show, including Nastya Sten, Susanna Knipper, Alexandre Cunha, Barry Lomeka, and Lauren DeGraaf, as well as Wang Xinyu, China's new supermodel, and Zhou Huan, a new favorite among famous model agencies. The models around the world attracted the attention of the guests, as they showcased the charm of high-end sportswear.


Daily Outfit Inspiration by Demi Styles


You can never go wrong by keeping it simple and sweet! T-shirt dresses are essential for this season, because you can literally do anything with them. Dress it up with heels or dress it down with sneakers --t-shirt dresses are must-haves! Pairing a t-shirt dress with your favorite wedges sets the outfit right in the middle of casual and semi-dressy.

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Denham Iya




Miu Miu


Tom Ford



frozen VOLI Vodka POPs


In the summertime, nothing is better than a refreshing cocktail...unless it’s a refreshing cocktail popsicle! This grown-up version of a childhood favorite can cool down even the hottest of days, while being a chic low-calorie indulgence.

Of course, the most important part of a cocktail popsicle is the low-calorie vodka to include in your treat.

With the new and light

Voli Vodka

, summertime just got a lot hotter! Voli Vodka is the tastiest ultra-premium, 5X distilled LOW-CALORIE vodka.

It has 40% fewer calories than the other leading vodkas, and is even infused with electrolytes. That means, for those of us who like to have a delicious cocktail or frozen treat, Voli is the sensible way to not consume empty calories.

View 2 Recipes: 

Each recipe makes 2 popsicles.:

Slim Berry POP

– very cool looking with fresh fruit frozen in the POP

1 1/2 oz Voli Lyte (73)

12 blueberries (6)

5 Raspberries (6)

4 Strawberries (6)

2 1/2 oz Master of Mixers Sweet and Sour Lite (6.25)

1 oz water (0)

Muddle blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries in a tin.  Add Voli, Sweet and Sour, water and shake.  Pour into 2 Popsicle containers.

Total calories = 97.25

Each popsicle has 48.6 calories

Strawberry POP

1 1/2 oz Voli Lyte (73)

3 oz Master of Mixers Sweet and Sour Lite (7.5)

3 oz Master of Mixers Strawberry Mixer (12)

1 oz water (0)

In a mixing tin, add all ingredients shake and pour into 2 popsicle containers.

Total calories = 92.5

Each popsicle has 46.25 calories

*Basically you can make any drinks POPS if you only use 1.5 oz of Voli per 2 pop containers.