New Year New You: Photo Shoot 2017

Blazer & Pants: ETRO Shirt: Brooks Brothers Shoes: Ferragamo Eyewear: Warby Parker

As the new year unfolds, many of us focus on a "new you." For me, this meant a fashionado upgrade. It was time to switch it up a bit with new looks, different styles. I took a more sophisticated approach to my personal style and image so in some of the photos I'm wearing Etro, one of my favorite design labels. Etro does pattern like no one else can and their fit is perfection! And because [I think] I'm a cool 50 year old, I couldn't resist and had to stage a few shots that showcased my ink. You can be dapper yet still be edgy. 

One of the best photographers in Atlanta also happens to be one of my best friends... Tomas Espinoza. We've been working together for a long time. Tomas is a perfectionist as am I, so we're a great match. I was able to pull him away from his busy shooting schedule at HGTV and as a freelance photographer to spend half-a- day with me! I'll be replacing some of the fashionado banner images with these. Thanks Tomas!