Maison Margiela Couture Spring 2016

I would like to crawl into the head of John Galliano, for at least a day, and observe his creative thought process, ideas and dreams. (I may need more than a day!) Many might be terrified at the prospect. I'd be fascinated. Intrigued. Inspired. 

Clearly, this couture  collection for Margiela is about thoughts, concepts, experimentation and exploration. Galliano uses the runway as a stage, canvas and playground to showcase his art. And while at first glance, it often seems ridiculous, after careful observation it becomes apparent that everything he does has purpose and intention. (May sound like a cliche), but the runway is a window into John Galliano's mind. This collection reveals and poses questions about innovation, trends, de/re-construction and the relevancy of haute couture in today's current market.

One footnote, pardon the pun, those boots are too die for...!