Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Children of all ages! Welcome to the most spectacular, most fascinating, most incredible… Mos[t]-chino Show! Trapeze artists, acrobats, popcorn, cotton candy, unicycles and clowns. 

“You will see death-defying acts of glamour! You will see beading and embroidery never before attempted in a setting like this.”

Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott is reaching into the circus of today’s events and pulling a rabbit out of a hat – or rather, a tiger. This season is Moschino’s answer to the current state of affairs. From peony-pink ruched tulle dresses with giant multi-colored daisy appliques, to harlequin Lurex brocade suits, silk georgette gowns with floral appliques outlined in tiny crystals, tiny round paillettes mirrors dotting a floor-length black gown. The message is a cinematic bow to the accusations, the scandal, the “news” of today. Scott asks us to step into the Moschino house of mirrors with him as he breathes joy, levity and life into the uncertainty. However, this collection is acutely aware of the act from which it must distract. There is a darker side to the mirth and frivolity. A literal dove-covered bodysuit is juxtaposed by gold cord soutache embroidery shaped in the outline of a skeleton is a key thematic element on tuxedo suits, tracksuits and jumpsuits. Blood-red beaded embroidery over a nude tulle gown creates a visually “slashed” and “torn” illusion beneath an operatic ruched tulle overcoat. Carefully sewn metallic bugle beads hang from colorful polka dots on a white gown looking like an illusion of dripping paint, unfinished and abandoned. The message is clear, amidst the adversity, there is hope. This is communicated in the vibrant metallic trinkets stitched into quilted black tulle, just slightly obscured but dazzling in its own right. A superhero bodysuit beneath a literal red satin cape, a lion tamer tuxedo in a beaded sequin leopard pattern lean into the unknown, embrace it, become fearlessness itself.

When society feels like a tightrope walker leaning in the wind, Scott is here to entertain astonish and impress.

So step right up, admit one, run away with the circus and … let the show begin!


Moschino Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear

moschino ss2018

Biker ballerinas were Scott’s story on the runway: leather jackets, satin bustiers, tulle tutus, and fishnets in a couple dozen variations, with some DIY tees thrown into the mix. “Shirt happens,” one read.


Jeremy Scott delivered a bouquet of fashion to the Moschino runway for Spring 2018.


Fashion Kills at Moschino Fall 2016

Jeremy Scott sent out an army of "bonfire" survivors of the most elegant kind for Moschino Fall 2016. What did they survive? A revolt against the Renaissance by a rogue group of monks who went on a burning rampage of art, books and clothing. Fast-Forward to 2016 and of course, Jeremy Scott put his artistic spin on it by playing off smoke and burning motifs through the iconic Marlboro cigarette box and logo. This time, the warning read: "Fashion Kills."

Jeremy Scott brings his tongue & cheek humor and his love of clever puns to Moschino season after season. The setting and runway was lavish and gilded to convey the opulence of the Renaissance. The fashion was an eclectic mix of biker, 80's and red carpet gowns. He gave us lots of leather and short ruffled dresses at the beginning of the collection. As looks continued to come out, they got very dressed up. Some of the gowns reminded me (a little) of Alexis and Crystal, after the Carrington manor burned down of course. How else would we explain the burnt-through fabrics? Some of the dresses were even propped to release smoke. Amazing. You could literally say Moschino fall 2016 was smokin'!! Fabulous milliner Stephen Jones created the headgear. I love the collection but I really LOVE the last group of dresses and the dramatic poses. 


Peace and Love from the Second Row at NYFW!

nyfw the shows fashionado

The 60s have been creeping up on us for the past several seasons, but coming up for Spring 2016, prepare yourself for a virtual Woodstock. Boho, fringe and tie dies were splashed all over the runways, along with that wonderful color orange (which has been back for awhile). So dig back through last seasons Goodwill bag and hang on to that orange jumpsuit that you HAD to have, yet never wore.  

Oh orange, how we love thee...but the love is not always returned. Sometimes it's best saved for Tennessee fans or those who had too much fun Saturday night and get to engage in "community beautification." Heavy hitters like Prabal Gurung and Jeremy Scott disagree, so like a good fashionista, I will happily don my head-to-orangeiness, pallor be damned! 

Festival Chic couture style has a made a comeback largely in part of the coolness factor of all these big music festivals like Coachella, and the 40-year-old wanna be raver who can afford a $600 designer dress to stand behind the VIP ropes at TomorrowWorld next weekend and sip her rosé. (Which, if all goes well, will be me.)

I watched the Mara Hoffman SS16 RTW show from the second row. Yes, I said SECOND, which would normally be a horror story too tragic to live to tell, but I got to sit directly behind Jenna Lyons, aka "the woman who dresses America." So I embraced my second tier status and the opportunity to chat with the quirky J.Crew goddess, who is just as funny and approachable as you would want her to be. She was intrigued with the concept of Underground Runway. I mean, obviously, why wouldn't she jump at the opportunity to get last season's J.Crew at a fraction of the price? Duh! 

So I sat delightfully in the NYFW equivalent of the Titanic's "steerage", hoping to absorb even 1/100th of her quirky mismatched style through osmosis. IT worked! Suddenly I have an urge to wear a full length sequin maxi paired with a flannel button up and topped off with a fur vest. Who cares that it's 92° outside? Apparently the osmosis was so strong it wafted all the way to Atlanta and transferred to my preschool age daughter. You know, come to think of it, that's eerily similar to what she tried to convince me to let her wear last week to soccer practice!


Moschino 2016 Menswear

No one can accuse Jeremy Scott of being boring. Clever, talented and a little crazy, yep... He drew inspiration from Louis XIV and from Moschino's Pitti Uomo location for the extravagant collection. Embroideries, ruffles and metallics made way for decadence on the runway. Racecar and graffiti prints ruled and Moschino spokes girl, Katy Perry sat front row... View collection.



Katy Perry has become quite the fashionista. She's left behind the cutesy [and tacky] costuming that she's sported for years and has embraced designer fashion. If you watch Fashion Police, as I do, Katy is almost always on the "best dressed" list. SO, it should not be a surprise that Katy Perry turned to the fashion world to create the wardrobe for her Prismatic World Tour. I can't think of a better fit than Jeremy Scott for Moschino

. It's the best of both worlds for Katy. She can have her costume silliness and


fashion all in one! I sorta saw this coming when she was spotted at Jeremy's first Moschino show earlier this year. And she's been wearing some of the collection too. You go Katy! From 'teenage dream' to fashion dream.


Jeremy Scott & Moschino


Oh yeah!

Fashion just got a fresh dose of badass with the announcement of the super cool Jeremy Scott as the new Creative Director at Moschino. Scott replaces longtime [interim] director Rosella Jardini. If this is a marriage made in fashion heaven, as both labels  are known for their tongue & cheek chic approach, then the honeymoon may send shock waves and rainbows throughout the industry. This excites me!

Jeremy Scott, who has high profile clients like Britney Spears, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, will continue with his own label in addition to designing for the 30 year old Italian fashion house.