A-Line Afros at Carlos Campos NYFW: Men’s S/S 2018

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At New York Fashion Week: Men’s S/S 2018 Lead Hairstylist, T. Cooper of Metro Look, and her team were sponsored by ECRU New York and Wahl Professional to create tight Afro textured looks for the Carlos Campos show at IMG’s Fashion Week partner venue, Skylight Clarkson Sq. Carlos Campos is a celebrated menswear designer from Honduras. In 2007, he launched his namesake brand, Carlos Campos New York. The brand’s modern take on “classic American style… with a Latin twist” immediately earned him the respect and accolades of the US and Latin American fashion communities.

Carlos Campos NYFW: Men’s S/S 2018

Cooper called the hairstyle the “A-Line Afro” and it was created by using ECRU products Defining Styling Potion, Dry Wax, and Acai Protein Oil. “Upon discussing the inspiration with Carlos, he let me know that this collection was all about strong lines. A lot of the models had natural hair, and he wanted to keep the texture, but didn’t want a big, round Afro to take away from the shape of the clothes. We decided to keep the hair fuller on top and much
tighter on the sides.” Cooper explained. After the cleaned up the hairline, sideburns, and facial hair with a Wahl Beret trimmer, the stylists saturated the models’ hair with Defining Styling Potion to eliminate frizz. The stylists then blow dried the models’ hair, while simultaneously rubbing it in a circular motion with their fingers to form tight coils. For models with longer hair on the sides, the stylists either brushed the sides and applied Dry Wax for hold, or pinned the hair back in a mohawk shape (depending on length). Finally, Acai Protein Oil was patted onto the Afros to add a hint of shine. “The diversity of the ECRU line, really allowed us to create texture on models with
different curl patterns beautifully!” said Cooper.


Wet Natural Textured Hair at BENCH/Body NYFW: Men’s S/S 2018

During New York Fashion Week: Men’s S/S 2017 at the ultra-trendy Meatpacking District venue, Industria, Lead Hairstylist, T. Cooper of Metro Look, and her team were sponsored by ECRU New York and Conair to create wet natural textured hairstyles for the BENCH/Body show. BENCH/Body is the market leader for underwear in the Philippines. They carry a wide range of premium quality undergarments including basic, trendy, and sexy at affordable prices.

Cooper named the style the “Au Naturale” and it was created using the ECRU New York products: Rejuvenating Moisture Mist, Silk Nectar Serum, and Sunlight Styling Spray. “Once I saw the models that were going to be in the show, I knew that I wanted to embrace their natural hair texture. BENCH Body casted a lot of models with the best curls that you’ve ever seen in your life!” said Cooper.  The stylists sprayed the models’ hair with Rejuvenating Moisture Mist to hydrate and eliminate frizz from curls and waves. They then dried the hair from underneath with a diffuser to form curls and waves. The curls were then defined with a Conair Infinity Pro curling iron. Next, the models had Silk Nectar Serum applied generously to the hair for illusion of wet hair. Finally Sunlight Spray was used to keep the style’s shape. “The ECRU New York products worked perfectly for enhancing the models’ texture.” says Cooper.




sally hansen mani app

Building on next-generation augmented reality technology, Sally Hansen the #1-selling nail color and nail care brand in the US is transforming the shopping experience with the new ManiMatch™ mobile app. Users can try on the rainbow of over 200 Sally Hansen nail polish shades in real time, on their nails, before they buy. A simple scan of the user’s hand from any smartphone enables the user to instantly consider and curate her own color choices. There’s no uploading, picture-taking or manual data entry, as the app works in real time. It also generates personalized-for-her-skin-tone color suggestions on demand; using cutting-edge, proprietary technology, the app senses and analyzes the pigments in each user’s hand, then matches its polish-shade suggestions to the ones optimally flattering to her skin.

Choosing the perfect shade is traditionally both the most fun and the most difficult aspect of shopping for nail color; consumers surreptitiously dab color onto a single or several nails to approximate how given shades might look on their hands in relation to skin tones, mood or outfit. ManiMatch™ flips the trial-only-post-purchase shopping experience that has always frustrated nail color shoppers, transforming the process into a moment of discovery, excitement and pleasure. “The app is addictive; everyone who tries it can’t stop herself from checking out more options,” says Jeremy Lowenstein, Sally Hansen Global Marketing Vice President. “The fact that you see exactly how a color will look on your own hands is just pure fun—and incredibly useful. People end up experimenting with shades they’d never normally try.” “The innovative technology uses bespoke skin tone analysis and an algorithm to map the hand.” – says Kristen D’Arcy, Global Digital Vice President. “It tracks the individual nuances of the user’s hands, analyzes skin tone, finds the nail beds, and photo-realistically simulates our nail polish shades, with shine: the finished manicure appears instantly on the user’s hand. ManiMatch™ generates shade suggestions across all Sally Hansen’s product lines, including Miracle Gel, Complete Salon Manicure, Insta-Dri and Xtreme Wear, so users can easily navigate and experience every color they desire.”

The launch of this app coincides with the release of the new Miracle Gel® Top Coat and new fashionable shades. Available for download for free on iOS platforms when it launches September 2015 (and select Android devices later in fall), ManiMatch™ is poised to revolutionize nail color shopping, both in store and ecommerce. Sally Hansen will host a kick-off consumer event in NYC to introduce the app. The first users to share the experience with a friend will have a chance to become the next Sally Hansen hand model for Sally Hansen social media.


Introducing the Whish Soda Fountain Collection

Just in time for the much-anticipated annual sale, Whish is excited to announce the launch of its exclusive Soda Fountain Collection to celebrate the 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. With flavors like Black Cherry, Ginger Melon, Key Lime and Orange Cream, these delicious products will leave you wishing you were sipping on a glass of good ‘ol fashioned soda pop at the local ice cream parlor!

Lather up with Whish’s bubbly Bath & Body Gel ($15) and moisturize with super-hydrating Body Butter ($12) for a fresh scent of vintage soda fountain flavors and silky smooth skin all day long! The Whish Soda Fountain Collection will be available in 16 ounce pump bottles during pre-sale from July 9th – 16th for Nordstrom card holders as well as through regular sale from July 17th – August 2nd exclusively at Nordstrom stores nationwide and Nordstrom.com.


Must-Have Makeover Apps

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they just need to try out new looks, to reinvent their appearance and discover new styles to reflect changes in their life. The process isn’t always easy, and the transition can be awkward, more so when you realize that the look you had imagined for yourself doesn’t actually quite work out.

Thankfully, we’ve seen a proliferation of virtual makeover apps for smartphones. More than the occasional selfie improver, there are apps that allow users to play with different looks and styles, and even try out different hairstyles. These features had long been confined to computer apps, but the growth of the mobile market and the improvement of mobile technology has made it so these features can be accessed on smartphones too. According to the company behind mobile-optimized gaming website, Spin Genie, growth in mobile internet is among the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date, and some experts even suggest that we may be using our smartphones exclusively within the next two years.

The main draw of virtual makeover apps is that they allow users to make full use of their smartphone’s cameras, with some even providing real-time makeovers that are as realistic as they can get. If you’re interested in trying out different looks, you may want to download the following:

1. L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius
Leading the pack of smartphone makeover apps, the L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius stands out in that it doesn’t just let users edit photos to apply different makeup effects, but uses the phone’s front camera to project an augmented reality view of the different styles. This means that you can apply different looks, and see how it looks when you move and make different expressions.

2. Modiface Virtual Makeover
Just like other makeover apps, the Modiface Virtual Makeover app lets users upload photos to the app and apply different makeup and hairstyles to try them out. What puts them a cut above the rest is their amazing face-mapping technology and comprehensive skin assessment software that even allows users to apply different skin treatments to see their effects.

3. Hair Try On by TAAZ
For many years, TAAZ had been one of the leading brands for makeover apps on the PC, and they’ve finally released their services to mobile phones with the launch of Hair Try On by TAAZ. As the name suggests, the app lets users play around with different hairstyles, even allowing them to adjust how the virtual hairstyle falls and frames the face, making it look more realistic. 

There are many other virtual makeover apps out there, and with augmented reality technology improving even more, it’s likely that we’ll see even more of these apps in the near future.



FACECAKE Unveils SHADESCOUT - The Cosmetics Color Search Engine

facecake shadescout

New Mobile Beauty App Instantly Finds Makeup to Match Any Color, Anywhere

Forget search terms and get ready for search colors as FaceCake Marketing Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of ShadeScout™, the cosmetics color search mobile app that enables consumers to find products in the colors that inspire them. A pioneer in augmented reality, FaceCake is reinventing the way people shop for cosmetics by combining its color search technology, signature Virtual Try-On capabilities and built-in purchase features to create a mobile, immersive shopping experience. ShadeScout is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Whether admiring the color of a celebrity’s lipstick in a magazine or a flower in a garden, ShadeScout allows consumers to use their mobile device to capture any color they see and quickly and easily locate its cosmetic counterpart. Using proprietary color search technology, ShadeScout sorts through an unlimited number of products from more than 40 major and luxury beauty brands and instantly delivers direct product matches in any makeup category. From eyeshadow and blush, to lipstick, foundation and more, ShadeScout enables shoppers to find and virtually try on any product and make a purchase directly from the app. Consumers can also take selfies, receive personalized recommendations, and get feedback from family and friends through the easy in-app social sharing option. 

“With ShadeScout, you have the ability to instantly find products that match any color you see, from a celebrity’s red carpet look to a bouquet of fresh roses. You don’t need to have product information to find that perfect match; ShadeScout finds it for you,” said Linda Smith, Founder and CEO of FaceCake. "A search engine for today’s shoppers, ShadeScout makes it easy to find the products you want, virtually try them on, share them with friends, buy items, and is with you wherever you go.”

*Check out a video of how ShadeScout works here, and download the app (for free) at the iTunes or Google Play store:




Get Ready to Sparkle with the ALL NEW Dual Stick by Mixed Chicks - a Foundation and Bronzer All-In-One!

mixed chicks dual stick foundation

When trying to find the perfect foundation in a stick for your skin, many women have a hard time finding that perfect shade that blends well and suits her tone. For women of different ethnicities, the choices have been less than optimal... until now! With Mixed Chicks new Dual Stick you can mix and blend 5 color shades to find your perfect sun kissed look that will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth with perfect blended color! PLUS! The all new Dual Stick is the only makeup stick that offers foundation and bronzer all in one! Dual Stick will enhance your natural beautywithout going over the top with tons of makeup that you don't need. Whether you are a professional woman on the go, or a mom who needs to take kids from soccer practice to dance class, enhance your natural beauty with Dual Stick! Mixed Chicks Dual Stick is the perfect year-round makeup accessory!

· 5 colors to mix and blend means you can find the perfect color for your skin tone!

· Dual Stick is the only stick to combine foundation and bronzer all in one!

· High coverage, silky smooth foundation means a beautiful picture perfect finish.

· Get a shimmery, sun kissed glow with the included bronzer, meaning you get a sunny disposition without having to soak up the harmful UV rays.

· Gluten free, paraben free, and animal testing free means you can feel good about the ingredients you put on your face, knowing they are good for you and our furry friends 

· Reasonably priced at only $22.50 each, including both the foundation and bronzer,  so you get two makeup sticks for the price of one!

Choose from: Sultry-Sand (light), Timeless Tawny (med-light), Alluring-Almond (med), Heavenly Hazel (brown) or Bangin' Bronze (rich brown)!

Mixed Chicks was created out of a desire to provide quality hair care and makeup products that celebrate diversity and that are suited for women of any ethnicity, helping them to have beautifully managed locks with products that are good for their hair and skin!  What began as two friends desiring to create a product line out of a need for products that they couldn’t find in any retail store, has grown into a business that sells products around the world! Mixed Chicks is setting the standard for the multi-cultural world we live in as a company that focuses on the needs of their customers and providing quality products for every hair and skin type!